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Listen is a free outreach publication from SDI that assists spiritual travelers in the search for everyday encounters with the Sacred.

This simple and inviting publication includes short articles, poetry, and global resource announcements. It is read around the world by more than fifteen-thousand seekers, subscribers, and members of SDI.

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Latest Issue

Issue 16.3 - July 2022

Contemplation and Spiritual Companionship

Listen Archive

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15.2 - April 2021

Awakening and Maturity for Spiritual Companions

15.1 - January 2021

Spiritual Companionship and Second Chances


14.2 - April 2020

Ascending the Mountain: Dimensions of Spiritual Companionship

14.1 - January 2020

The Middle Way of Spiritual Companionship


13.4 - October 2019

Metamorphosis and Spiritual Companionship

13.3 - July 2019

Spiritual Companionship For Our Times

13.1 - January 2019

Longing, Fracture, Healing, Maturity


12.4 - October 2018

Contemplation, Action, and Spiritual Direction

12.3 - July 2018

On Mystery and Spiritual Direction

12.2 - May 2018

The Spiritual Director Public Square: Intimate Strangers

12.1 - January 2018

Spiritual Companionship & Death


11.4 - November 2017

The Intimacy Of Spiritual Companionship

11.3 - July 2017

Inviting The Stranger

11.2 - April 2017

What's in a Name?


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