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SDI’s goal is to publish books that motivate and inspire readers to be become more than who they currently are. As a global community of Spiritual Directors and Companions, a central theme or aspect of your book must be relevant to Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Companionship.

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Spiritual Direction Supervision: Principles, Practices, & Storytelling

by Lucy Abbott Tucker

A workbook designed to support the care and growth of your spiritual direction practice.

Re-Creating A Life: Learning How To Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story

by Diane Millis

Do you ever find yourself comparing the story of the life you wished you had lived with the life you are actually living? In Re-Creating a Life: Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story, Dr. Diane Millis shows us how to author a new story for our lives.

SDI Imprint Books

Spiritual Directors International offers books to inspire and educate spiritual directors, spiritual guides, coaches, seminary students and faculty, and everyone involved in the service and ministry of spiritual companionship. These books are available for purchase through

Anglican Spiritual Direction by Peter Ball

Peter Ball looks at some of the leading figures from the past to illustrate the roots and development of Anglican spiritual direction: George Herbert, Lancelot Andrewes, John Wesley, Somerset Ward, and Evelyn Underhill. More recent influences in the revival of interest in the subject have been Kenneth Leech, Alan Jones, Gordon Jeff, and Margaret Guenther.

Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction by Betsey Beckman and Christine Valters Paintner

The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction by Susan S. Phillips

Candlelight offers an intimate view of spiritual direction through written narratives of actual spiritual direction sessions. The experiential practice is accompanied by theoretical and theological understandings that guide it. The book includes the stories of nine men and women whose stories illustrate how the journey of Christian discipleship is helped by spiritual direction.

Discerning Life Transitions: Listening Together in Spiritual Direction by Dwight H. Judy

Every one of us will experience several major life changes over the course of adulthood. Each of these transitions will be marked by external changes, such as change of location, career changes, promotions, or job losses, plus changes in family circumstances, including births, marriage, and death. These transitions are also marked by inner change, since most of us readily examine our faith life and relationship with God during such periods.

Faith Styles: Ways People Believe by John R. Mabry

A noted spiritual director suggests new ways of looking at how different people understand and relate to the divine. Explores the many styles of faith that characterize believers in all religions, examines the various modes of believing, and offers ways for spiritual directors to use this knowledge as they work with their clients. Includes illustrative case studies and practical suggestions for offering spiritual direction.

Hospitality: The Heart of Spiritual Direction by Leslie A. Hay

In this latest addition to the Spiritual Directors International Series, professional spiritual directors and those in formation programs learn to extend traditional forms of hospitality by living out its deeper meaning as they explore ways in which the spirit of hospitality enriches the spiritual direction experience.

Out of Darkness, Into Light: Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Jewish and Christian Sources, by Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias, and Ann Holmes Redding

An introduction to the major themes and passages of the holy book of Islam, this book invites readers of any religion or none to meditate on verses of the Quran as support for spiritual practices and growth. It guides the reader through the rich tapestry of the Quran, weaving through a number of themes, including the mystery of God, surrender to the divine will, and provisions for the spiritual journey.

Spiritual Direction in Context by Nick Wagner

Here, in this provocative collection of essays, respected leaders in the field of spiritual direction explore the myriad of contexts in which this relationship takes place and offers practical ways to respond to them.

Supervision of Spiritual Directors: Engaging in Holy Mystery by Mary Rose Bumpus and Rebecca Bradburn Langer

This collection of essays is one of the first books in the field that help with the training of supervisors. Written by spiritual directors who have years of experience in supervision between them, this book engages some of the leading voices in the field in an exploration of a wide variety of issues, including: gender and sexuality; ethical dilemmas; working with diverse racial ethnic constituents; working with the differently abled; the parameters of supervision; the supervision of beginning directors, and more.

Tending the Holy: Spiritual Direction Across Traditions by Norvene Vest

In this provocative and cutting-edge collection readers are given the opportunity to see what spiritual direction looks like--and what questions are asked--through a variety of lenses. From an examination of the spiritual direction relationship in the Evangelical Christian tradition, to Buddhism and Hindu ones, to the better-known ones of the Benedictines, Carmelites, and Ignatians, and finally, to the contemporary lenses of feminism, Generation X, the institutional perspective, and even one based on the natural world and the spirituality of St. Francis, this collection explores unexplored territory. Tending the Holy is an important resource for spiritual directors and pastoral counselors.