SDI Staff

Executive Director

Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS

Rev. Seifu is the Executive Director of SDI and an ordained Zen Buddhist priest, as well as a practicing spiritual director/companion and motivational speaker. He is a veteran of numerous interfaith and interspiritual efforts over the years, including Seeds of Compassion in Seattle in 2008, where he was one of the chairs, and as founder and executive director of the Compassionate Action Network. He has a Master’s in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

Rev. Seifu is an accomplished speaker and university lecturer and is a key contributor for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. In a previous life, he was also an executive at Microsoft, where he successfully grew international groups and divisions and provided leadership to multi-cultural teams around the world.

Chief Operating Officer

Rory Briski

Rory (He/Him) is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in management and consulting and brings a wealth of international expertise with key leadership roles in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Engineering and Executive Management. Rory has established himself as a thought leader in the fields of strategic planning and business development. He is also a best-selling author with several of his published books within the top 20 best seller lists. Rory is also an inventor with three issued US Patents. Rory is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer, and his perspectives have been featured in various newspaper, radio and television news reports on ABC, NBC, CBS, NWCN, KKNW, The Bellevue Business Journal, The Seattle Times, and others.

Marketing manager

Amrutham Babu

Amrutham is an experienced marketing manager with over 8 years as product marketing specialist and digital strategist. With a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA from India’s esteemed Amrita University, she has a strong background in data analytics and design software. Her areas of expertise include: Developing marketing strategy; Digital & social media marketing; Campaign management; Creative writing; Graphic Design. She is also a service corps member at 501 Commons and has helped several nonprofits in Washington to design and execute their marketing goals. She believes in the higher purpose and is constantly working towards it. She’s excited to use her professional knowledge and experience to support the SDI community in a meaningful way.

Creative Director

Matt Whitney

Matt is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and lives in Seattle. He works between drawing, painting, photography, video, design and illustration. He is the host of SDI’s weekly podcast, SDI Encounters, which engages in conversations around spiritual direction, contemplative practice, and spiritual care. He also works as a spiritual director and is certified by the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute.

Creative Services Coordinator

Ann Lancaster

Ann (she/her) grew up surrounded by spirituality and nature on an organic dairy farm in rural Wisconsin. She manifested a career in the tech industry after her graphic design studies took her from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to her new home in Seattle, where she spent years working as a contractor for companies such as Microsoft and Google. When not immersed in front of a computer screen creating websites or playing video games, she can often be found at various concert venues throughout the world, basking in the beauty of live music. Ann is also a certified Reiki Master with dreams of working as a life coach for those experiencing challenging spiritual awakenings. She brings a potent blend of open-minded wonder and down-to-earth practicality to the design challenges at SDI.

Editorial Director

Phil Fox Rose

Phil joins SDI as editorial director with a diverse and rich background in publishing. He was director of content for Patheos, the huge online home of conversation on faith, with sections ranging from Catholic and Evangelical to Pagan and Atheist. Before that, he was the editor of book publisher Paraclete Press and manager of the Paulists’ site, Busted Halo. Phil’s own spiritual journey has ranged widely and that breadth of experience is reflected in his ability to relate to and respect all traditions. Phil was a member of SDI in the aughts and has been teaching and practicing centering prayer and other contemplative practices for three decades. His professional and personal journeys have been equally winding, from stockbroker to sheepherder, software designer to downtempo DJ. Phil will be the editor-in-chief of Presence, as well as handling Connections and SDI Press. 

Communities Coordinator

Larry J. Morris III

Larry (he/they) describes himself as “an apostle, digital marketer, scholar, and spiritual director based in Chicago, IL.” They will be helping organize our various community groups and administering our Public Square online platform. 

Membership Services Coordinator

Marisa Sterling

Marisa is the Membership Services Coordinator at SDI. She supports SDI’s members worldwide with efficiency and dedication. She has a degree in Environmental Studies. She loves to help people get their questions answered and enjoys being a part of the SDI team. In addition to her role here, Marisa is working on attaining her commercial pilot license.

Membership Assistant

Alizabeth Rasmussen

Alizabeth is a spiritual director who brings wisdom, heart and efficiency to her part-time role helping Marisa Carpenter with the important work of supporting our SDI community, especially our members in 42 countries around the world. Alizabeth also serves as Meditation Facilitator, Writing Facilitator and Stroke Group Facilitator at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington, US.

Technology Support Assistant

Ryan Hinson

Ryan (he/him) brings his skill and patience as a technology literacy professional to the Technology Support Position. He has two decades of experience in online teaching, educational writing, tutoring, and tech support, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Outside of this professional role, Ryan enjoys growing hot peppers and native fruits, foraging, cooking, and playing video games.

Member Support, Advertising

Reggie Dirnberger

If you want to advertise in any of the SDI publications, Reggie is an amazing resource. With years of experience in ad sales, abundant energy and a steely determination, she is a master of the art of the possible.

SDI Australia/Asia-Pacific Coordinator

Kristen Hobby

Kristen Hobby

Kristen is former chair of SDI’s Coordinating Council. She is a spiritual director, retreat leader and mindfulness teacher based in Singapore. She has just completed her work PhD thesis on the topic of young children’s spirituality.

Presence Media Review Editor

Pegge Erkeneff

An author and spiritual guide, Pegge lives in the wilds of Alaska. She was the founding editor of Listen, and created that publication for ten years, along with donning many other SDI hats starting in 2004. She’s currently a storyteller for a school district spanning 25,600 square miles, and in her spare time takes thousands of photos on her iPhone, befriends wild critters, offers Reiki and healing touch, and loves to laugh. Her favorite place is on a beach, in a great convo, with a friend, stranger, or her pen and journal.

Poetry Editor

Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann

Jinks was born and raised in South Africa, but has lived with her beloved husband, her soul historian, in Canada since 1966. She is a retired psychotherapist, and is a spiritual director, poet and writer. She has numerous publications, primarily of poetry. Jinks was on the Coordinating Council of SDI from 2008 to 2014. Jinks’ favorite ways of paying attention to Mystery, and listening for guidance for the big and little things, are through dreams, reading, and poetry writing. She also studies the divine as she walks though her days, since clues for awakening are hidden everywhere, in plain sight. Jinks has nineteen grandchildren and nine great-grands, and counting.

Finance, Bookkeeping

Heather Gordon

Heather is the SDI bookkeeper extraordinaire – efficient, effective and direct.

Finance, CPA

Valerie Pickens

Valerie Pickens, CPA

Valerie has deep experience as a CPA. She is a valued advisor to SDI.

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