Group Spiritual Companionship

Upcoming Group Spiritual Companionship

SDI is pleased to offer spiritual companionship to our SDI Members in an online group setting. Facilitated over Zoom with SDI Staff and experienced spiritual companions, these sessions invite you into a gentle pool of kindness, where you can share your story, be heard by compassionate listeners, and receive the experience of spiritual companionship in the comfort of your home.

How to Register / Instructions:

Please read through the instructions below before signing up.

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Once you register for a session, you will be sent a password-free invitation with the Zoom link. If you don’t see it, please check any Junk Mail or Spam folders.

Please only sign up if you have checked your calendar and you know you can attend. Saving a spot immediately might seem like a good strategy. But the problem is many people then discover they have a conflict and the spot is not used. Thank you for your kindness in this.

Please only sign yourself up. Your registration will be linked to your e-mail address.

Remember that we will do more of these free sessions. If you miss out this time around, there will be more opportunities.

What to Expect:

Each session runs about 75 minutes.

Each session will be hosted by one of the SDI Staff, and an experienced facilitator from the SDI Community.

Guidance from the facilitator will include brief teachings, contemplative readings, and space for meditation/silence.

Each session will include Breakout Groups of 3-4 participants, where each participant will have to opportunity to share and to hold space for one-another.

We will not record these sessions to preserve the confidentiality of all participants in the group spiritual companionship.


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