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Do you want to be part of a global contemplative movement that contributes to peace, justice, and living in right relationship with all creation? Your membership supports networking opportunities, publications, educational programming, outreach, and more.

Together we are changing the world through the contemplative action of spiritual companionship. Everyone is welcome to become a member of SDI.

The SDI global learning community is a group of compassionate listeners who are committed to peace and justice. Become a new member or renew your membership today!

Choose Your Membership Tier

$ 79/
  • Digital '"Presence" (current issue and previous 4 flipbooks)
  • Discounts on SDI Conference, Webinars, Digital Workshops and more
$ 99/
  • FASC Profile (200 characters, about 25 words) and photo in our "Find a Spiritual Companion Guide" – our new name for the "Seek and Find Guide"
  • Digital "Presence" (current issue and previous 4 flipbooks)
  • Discounts on SDI Conference, Webinars, Digital Workshops and more
$ 139/
  • Printed copy of "Presence" in the mail
  • Photo in the "Find a Spiritual Companion Guide" and longer description (2,000 characters, about 250 words)
  • Greater discounts
$ 179/
  • Premium Profile in the "Find a Spiritual Companion Guide" – with photo and a video clip to be added to your profile display and even more space to write about yourself. (4,000 characters, about 500 words)
  • Printed copy of "Presence" in the mail
  • Highest discounts
Best Value

Please see chart below for potential savings at each membership level.

Membership Tiers add up quickly in value and savings! The higher the tier, the additional information available to you in your Find a Spiritual Director or Companion Profile, including photos and promotional videos, that are seen by thousands of people a month who use the Directory. Additional value comes via increased savings when you purchase any of SDI’s offerings, such as webinars and conferences. For example, if you attend SDI’s annual conference and purchase one webinar in a year, the Cosmos (Premium) Membership Tier pays for itself!

Average Live Webinar Discount $25 $25 $30 $35
Average Recorded Webinar Discount $22 $22 $27 $32
Average In-Person Workshop Discount $95 $95 $113 $130
Average Online Workshop Discount $50 $50 $60 $70
Average Recorded Workshop Discount $27 $27 $33 $40
Online Classes
Average Live Online Classes Discount $20 $20 $27 $33
Average Recorded Online Classes Discount $17 $17 $22 $27
Average Journey Discount $83 $83 $93 $117
Average Conference Discount $70 $70 $82 $93
Presence Journal
Digital Archive Discount $100 $100 $120 $140
Average Book Discount $13 $13 $13 $13
Guidelines and Brochures
Average Brochure Discount $4 $4 $5 $6
SDI Branded Merchandise
Average Merchandise Discount $4 $4 $4 $4
Typical Annual Member Value** $539 $539 $629 $740

* These are example discounts only. Actual discounts are dependent on item price and will be shown once you are logged into your store account.

**Total “Value” assumes all items at quantity of one purchased in a single year. The advertising value of your FASC Guide listing significantly increases the value of the Neptune, Jupiter, and Cosmos memberships beyond these amounts

Refund Policy

For details, please visit our Refund Policy page.

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