Do you want to be part of an inclusive, global contemplative movement that contributes to peace, justice, and living in right relationship with all creation? Together we are changing the world through the contemplative action of spiritual companionship.

SDI is an inclusive, global learning community of people from many faiths and many nations who share a common passion and commitment to the art and contemplative practice spiritual companionship, spiritual guidance, anam cara in Gaelic, and mashpiah in Hebrew.

For twenty-nine years, SDI has served this community through educational events, publications, and outreach programs, helping people connect with one another and with the Sacred. As a registered nonprofit charity, our mission is to tend the holy around the world and across traditions.

SDI has a vibrant membership of more than six thousand individuals on six continents who represent more than fifty spiritual traditions, from Anabaptists to Zen Buddhists and many spiritual traditions in between. Everyone is welcome to join this rich learning community.

Join the movement and become a member today; all are welcome to join!

Members include spiritual directors, chaplains, ministers, students, theology and rabbinical school faculty, health care providers, and many others involved in spiritual care:

  • Spiritual directors, companions, and guides
  • Seekers
  • Theology faculty and students
  • Pastoral and spiritual care providers
  • Chaplains
  • Hospice and health care providers (nurses, doctors, physician assistants, pharmacologists, etc.)
  • Holistic body-mind-spirit health care providers
  • Social workers
  • Lay and ordained clergy
  • Art therapists
  • Mental health providers
  • Life coaches and mindfulness trainers
  • Mindful lawyers, social justice workers, peacemakers, and more
  • Contemplatives in the first half of life
  • Contemplatives who work in academic settings
  • InterPlayers
  • Retreat center directors
  • Courage and Renewal facilitators
  • Work-life balance human resource personnel
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