Videos on Spiritual Direction and Companionship

Below you’ll find a selection of videos from SDI’s video “vault” on spiritual companionship. For a full selection, including our latest videos, check out our Youtube channel.

Executive Director Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares discusses the Mystical Ground from which we engage with our calling as spiritual companionship. We will explore this together in our upcoming Fall 2022 Course on Mystical Spiritual Companionship. Mysticism is a form of ultimate experiencing, probably the greatest portal to our union and communion with Forever; with all that was, is, and will be. It’s living into the big questions: Why are we here? What’s our place in this universe?

Here we announce to our community the launch of registrations for our next Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin – May 4-6 2023.

With deep listening guiding the way, Essence 2023 will explore how we turn our attention towards God, Tao, Brahman, the Universe, the Beyond, or however you might name the Nameless, so as to compassionately heal our relationships, our communities, and the deep structural injustices that divide us by gender, color, faith, sexual orientation, nationality, and money. We will consider how these and other factors can often mislead us into seeing our neighbors as “others,” and less-than. We invite you to join us for Essence 2023 to engage deeply within, without and beyond.

In this excerpt from a longer conversation, Dr. Cornel West and Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares discuss at the Engage 2022 Conference the various ways the work of spiritual direction and companionship helps us “learn how to die, in order to live”.

In this video we announced our first hybrid conference, Engage 2022. The theme of Engage is about deep listening and the lasting change it can create. It’s about the lives and relationships that are transformed by the contemplative kindness of one person holding space for another, truly meeting another human being where they are.

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