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Companionship to heal our fractured world. Engage 2022.

Scholarships Available!

SDI is committed to increasing accessibility to our conferences, and to all of SDI’s programs. SDI offers a range of scholarships to assist applicants with the costs, from partial funding to covering the full registration fees.

Our goals are straightforward:

We suggest that you take some time with this. It’s not a long application, but we do ask you some key questions. We want you to tell us not only how attending the conference will benefit you and your spiritual career/journey, but what specific project it will support. We want to hear how you can turn this opportunity into service on what we call the Public Square of Spiritual Companionship. And should you receive a scholarship, we ask that you offer something back to SDI, during the conference or in another way. We may ask you to write about it for SDI’s blog, social media or in our other publications. That way, what you learn can benefit many others.

So, you see, we view our scholarship as a way to invest in you and the community at the same time.

SDI encourages everyone who needs financial assistance to apply early for a scholarship, before you register for the conference. If you receive a scholarship, you will be e-mailed a voucher code that you can use in the online store that will apply the discount. Funds are available through the event scholarship fund for SDI members.

Scholarship Request Form

If this is for an in-person or digital event offering (conference, webinar, workshop, etc), please state clearly the name of the event and the dates. If membership, please indicate which tier (Neptune, Jupiter, etc).
Please state a dollar amount (ex. if the request is for $100, type 100 in the box above)

Companionship to heal our fractured world. Engage 2022.

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