Engage 2022
New Contemplatives

SDI is now accepting applications for the 2022 New Contemplatives Cohort Program. Deadline to apply is 11:59PM Pacific, January 15, 2022.

The New Contemplatives Initiative seeks to encourage, understand and engage with spiritual directors and companions in the first half of their lives (aged 40-ish or under) by offering a container for vocational support and development. Each New Contemplative will receive full tuition for the 2022 SDI conference as well as hotel accommodation and a travel stipend. As well, SDI will assist with logistical Zoom support so the 2022 Cohort can create community together in advance of the conference. With our conference theme of “Engage,” these New Contemplatives will play a key role in helping SDI create a truly inter-generational community. 

We suggest that you take some time with this. It’s not a long application, but we do ask you some key questions. We want to hear how you can turn this opportunity into service for your own communities, and the SDI community – what we call the Public Square of Spiritual Companionship. And should you be accepted into the 2022 Cohort, we ask that you offer something back to SDI, during the conference and in other ways. We may ask you to write for SDI’s blog (SDI Stories), Presence Journal, podcast conversations, social media or in our other publications. That way, what you have to offer can benefit many others in our community. 

Generous donors make the New Contemplatives program possible. More donors are needed to grow the program. Please donate in the secure SDI Store to keep this initiative thriving. Thank you for anything you can do to help support the next generation of spiritual directors and companions.


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