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Introducing Engage 2022


Ayo Yetunde

Fr. Greg Boyle

Beverly Lanzetta

Pat McCabe

Cornel West

Valarie Kaur

Yavilah McCoy

Mirabai Starr

+ More TBA

Registration is Now Open for Engage 2022!

What is SDI Engage 2022?

When a stranger becomes a companion,
all the world changes – for the better.

Engage 2022 is SDI’s first “hybrid” annual conference. That means it will be experienced in-person in Santa Fe as well as digitally, through live apps and recordings. Building on the unprecedented on-line success of Renaissance 2021 (with a record 1,500 participants), our new hybrid approach will allow more people to participate and offer new options for convenience and affordability.

What is the conference’s theme?

Engage 2022 is about deep listening and the lasting change it can create. 

It’s about the lives and relationships that are transformed by the contemplative kindness of one person holding space for another, truly meeting another human being where they are. 

Engage 2022 is about engaging with our shadow to find light.

Spiritual direction and companionship are particularly important as we explore our shadow – both individually and in our communities and societies. Contemplative life seeks truth that transcends divisions. In many spiritual traditions and orientations, individual wholeness and social change come from embracing shadow and moving through fear to acceptance. This is where justice begins and ends, in a truth-telling conversation within our own hearts. Compassion and action are rooted in this inner honesty.

Engage 2022 is about bridge building in the service of love– fostering engagement.

This engagement manifests in a variety of ways, whether it be in social action in our communities or one-to-one heart/mind engagements with another person. All of us in our public square of spiritual direction and companionship are hungry to engage with larger issues, and to find transcendent meaning. Never more so than in these particularly troubled times.

Engage 2022 is about contemplative practice.

Learning to welcome the unity that already exists inside us, among us and all around us.

And Engage 2022 is about deep healing.

The kind that happens in our hearts and in our communities when someone gives another their authentic attention and presence, non-judgmentally.

Engage 2022 Details


Non-members pay $100 more than a Neptune member would. Jupiter and Cosmos members save even more. If you want to come to the conference, being an SDI member is the best way to save.


Information on all of our workshops, institutes, and premium workshops will be available soon.

Journeys & Retreats

2 unique 1-day journeys around Santa Fe will be available (details to come).

A post-conference retreat at Ghost Ranch is also available.

Choose Your Conference Experience

Enjoy connecting and building community in-person. 

What a blessing. Experience the compelling culture and history of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition, you get the all the benefits of our conference app, Whova, and access to recordings of workshops and keynotes. 

The best choice for flexibility and lower cost. 

Registration is cheaper and attending virtually eliminates travel, dining out, and lodging expenses. Meanwhile, the conference app, Whova, allows you to connect with anyone at the hybrid conference. And you will be able to watch recordings at your convenience.

Engage 2022

Listening is engagement -
companionship to heal our fractured world.

Fear not -
neither the journey,
nor the darkness,
nor the challenge.

Be present, explore.

Follow your shadow -
Your own suffering,
Our world's dysfunction and pain.
You may want to resist, stop, distract yourself,
So bring someone you trust,
A companion to walk beside you as you explore.
To remind you:
The sun has your back, no matter how long the shadow stretches before you.

Listening allows the receiving ones
To be present to anyone of us,
so that we can hear our inner, authentic voices.

Open the gateless gate of your heart
And bring someone you trust,
A trained, experienced companion to walk beside you.
Enter together.

A gentle, open question,
The silence that does not count seconds or minutes,
The companionship that says I meet you where you are -
These are the most powerful tools we have
To compost and till and work the darkness
Like life-giving earth.
To engage with even our dark nights of the soul,
And those of our brothers and sisters.
To change the world for the better
By learning to listen to all voices, starting with our own.
By trusting truth to lead us to love.

Community is seeded
and flourishes
with this patient, present, active trust.

This is the way we heal.
This is the way to wholeness.
This is the way love stands strong.
Through the shadow,
eyes open,
affirming the light that never leaves us.

No matter what we face,
Fear not.
And join us
For Engage 2022.

Stay Up To Date - Subscribe to Digital Refuge

Get updates on all the Engage 2022 conference happenings, including announcements for workshops and additional presenters.

Registration is Now Open for Engage 2022!

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