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Spiritual direction and companionship inspires people to experience authenticity in their lives as they connect with and explore the ground of all being, that deepest of truths which is beyond life and death and goes by many names, including God, and no name at all.

The spiritual companions of SDI share their stories on our blog. Receive nourishment, learn a new practice, and gain insight into the healing modality of spiritual companionship through one of the stories shared below.

If you are an SDI Member interested in writing an SDI Story for the blog, please use our submission form here: Submit an SDI Story.

Guest Author

Follow Your Calling, the Divine Curriculum at Work

By Beth G. Raps, PhD And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth. “Late Fragment” by Raymond Carver In A New Path to the Waterfall, Atlantic Monthly Press,

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Guest Author

How I Found the Calling of Deep Listening

Editor’s note – This heartfelt account comes from the Christian Catholic tradition. But the story of hearing the call to spiritual direction after being the beneficiary of deep listening is one that many spiritual directors and companions will appreciate. By Margaret Meisen When preparing for marriage, my husband-to-be and I

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Guest Author

Trees As Spiritual Directors/Companions

By Dr. Jeanette Banashak Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps the singing bird will come. I must share with you a story about a particularly barren time in my life when I used a tree for a spiritual director. I learned so much that year because I

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Steven Crandell

“Coming Home” – Hearing the Call of Deep Listening

By Angela Marie Gage This is the story of the moment – or moments – I felt the call to spiritual companioning and how heeding that call has changed my life. In my early 50’s, I was invited to attend a personal and silent retreat at a men’s monastery. I

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Guest Author

Sr Marguerite Buchanan, 1932-2021

Editor’s note – Sister Marguerite Buchanan played an essential role in the development of the pioneering Mercy Center spiritual direction program at Burlingame, California in the 1980s, working alongside SDI founders Sister Mary Ann Scofield, RSM and Jack Mostyn, among others. Sr Marguerite once said, “There is life going on

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Guest Author

12 Ways to Approach Christian Mystical Spirituality

Editor’s note: Spiritual director and noted author Carl McColman generously offered to share his teaching here for our whole community to enjoy. Please note this post is not only meaningful for spiritual directors and spiritual companions, nor just for Christians, but for anyone with a curiosity about contemplative spirituality. Carl

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