Awakening Joy with Harry Pickens Preview – Access this FREE Webinar


Matt Whitney

“I already feel more awake`-thank you.”

“I cannot wait for the class!!!”

“brilliant and blissful,” “Tingly,” “Being present to my own joy,” “Calm and energized,” “Peacefulness,” “Wonder and awe,” “Reconnecting with my true self.”

“This was life-changing.”

“I feel like I’ve transformed as a spiritual director” (OK, that one is from me, but it’s true).

These are a few of the comments received just from the one-hour preview session we had with Harry Pickens! The recording is posted below and is available for you to watch whenever you like. SDI Members can also find it in the Free Sessions Course within their ‘My Courses and Webinars‘ section, or can access directly by clicking here: “Awakening Joy”

Huge thanks to Harry Pickens for facilitating this wonderful session!

If you want to experience more healing, more integration, more joy, and cultivate a fuller spiritual presence for yourself and those you companion, then we encourage you to sign up for our five-session webinar with Harry beginning on July 5th. All sessions are recorded for you to watch whenever you like. Click here to learn more and register.

Enjoy this Free Webinar from SDI – The Home of Spiritual Companionship:

Picture of Matt Whitney

Matt Whitney

Matt is the Creative Director for SDI.



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