The Enneagram Compendium

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SDI’s best teachings on the nine archetypes of the Enneagram, and how to employ them as spiritual companions.

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SDI's best teachings on the nine archetypes of the psyche, and how to employ the wisdom of the Enneagram as spiritual companions.

This Anthology includes the following FOUR SDI Webinar Offerings, packaged as a single Course:

Nine Faces of the Soul - with Margaret Loftus (2018)

The Enneagram is a rich tool full of wisdom to help individuals know themselves as well as help them understand the people in their life. An understanding of the Enneagram provides spiritual directors a greater awareness of their own inner life and a deeper understanding of the inner life of those they companion.

In these four sessions by Australian spiritual director Margaret Loftus, you’ll gain an introduction as well as a closer look at each of the nine types of the Enneagram. Learn More about these sessions.

ENNEAGRAM STANCES with Suzanne Stabile (2021)

Suzanne Stabile is an internationally recognized and highly sought after master enneagram teacher who learned under Fr. Richard Rohr, Suzanne has conducted over 500 Enneagram workshops over the past 30 years. In this three-part webinar, Suzanne offers spiritual companions and directors three deep-dive sessions on a little understood aspect of the enneagram: stances – a unique tool for moving from stress to real spiritual transformation. Learn More about these three sessions.

The Enneagram for Groups and Couples (2021)

Led by Rev. Nhiên Vương, Founder of Evolving Enneagram,  these four sessions are intended for spiritual directors and companions, small group facilitators, and organizational leaders who seek to support the evolution of consciousness through developing their group facilitation skills. Learn More about these four sessions.

The Contemplative Enneagram - Pathways to Presence, Wholeness, Peace (2020)

This is experiential learning, concentrating on how the Enneagram and contemplative practice can be used together. Sense your ego blocks and release them. Enhance deep connection. Focus on spiritual direction, yoga, energy medicine and mediation and how they can combine with the Enneagram. Learn More about these four sessions.

Across these fifteen Sessions you will:

Combined, these four webinars would cost over $300. Access them all in a single Course for only $149 for SDI Members ($179 for non-Members).

SDI wants our members to grow a flourishing practice, achieve financial sustainability, and have confidence that their deep listening work is providing a strong service to the world. Thus, we are happy to offer this anthology course to our community at this discounted price.


This is a recorded course and you can learn at your own pace.

The Benefits of an SDI Course


SDI is the largest and oldest network of spiritual companions in the world. For 30 years we have been creating and curating educational offerings for spiritual companions across religious traditions, and we have our finger on the pulse of the spiritual companionship movement in the US and beyond.


Our instructors are the best in the field. Our courses include some of the most renowned and sought-after spiritual teachers in the field of spiritual companionship.


We are committed to making our courses widely available and accessible. We are keeping the course tuition low and have a generous number of scholarships to give out. We strongly encourage any for whom the cost is a challenge to apply for a scholarship.


Watch the lessons when you can, complete the course at your own pace. Our online learning platform is easy to use, and once you purchase you'll find the entire Course and lessons available under your profile. Our Membership Services team is easy to contact and readily available to assist you with questions.


Life learning, not book learning. Experiential, contemplative, spiritual. We want to open a gateway to understanding and connection. We’d rather companion you to an insight than impress you with a list of facts. Because most of our audience are spiritual directors and companions – including chaplains, life coaches and others who offer spiritual care -, we focus on the practical and care-giving side of the equation.


This introductory level course is open to all! There are no prerequisites and no required readings. Each session includes self-contained video content, and often accompanied by workbooks and worksheets you can print and fill out on your own. It's easy to experiment and try out some of the techniques taught in the course.

Course Outline

Session 1 – Introduction to the Enneagram

Session 2 – “The Gut or Instinct Centers: Types 8, 9, 1″

Session 3 – “The Heart or Feeling Centers: Types 2, 3, 4″

Session 4 – “The Head or Thinking Center: Types 5, 6, 7″

Session 5 – Enneagram Stances: Part 1

Session 6 – Enneagram Stances: Part 2

Session 7 – Enneagram Stances: Part 3

Session 8 – A Vision for Enneagram-based Conscious Community 

Session 9 – Your Leadership Lens and the Enneagram

Session 10 – Sustaining Group Participation

Session 11 – Evolving Companionship through the Enneagram

Session 12 – The Enneagram & Spiritual Companionship – Inviting Presence

Session 13 – Embodied Practice – Yoga and the Enneagram

Session 14 – Finding a Contemplative Practice that Fits You

Session 15 – Enneagram, Energy & Touch – A Mystical Connection



24 CEU credits available.


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