Learn with Lucy Abbott Tucker – A Taste of Spiritual Direction Supervision

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SDI is offering a rare opportunity to get training with Lucy Abbott Tucker for less than 1/10th of the price of her normal residential workshop. Lucy is one of the best teachers of spiritual direction supervision in the world. She usually does 5-day residential workshops. Now, with the publication of her new book Spiritual Direction Supervision – Principles, Practices & Storytelling, SDI wants to make her teaching more widely accessible.

This 4-part introduction to spiritual direction supervision will touch on all the key themes that make supervision an essential part of the training and on-going professional development of any spiritual companion. We call it “A Taste of Spiritual Direction Supervision” and we hope you will consider joining us.

Why not learn from the person who wrote the book?

Course Details

WHAT: 4 live “learn-by-doing” digital sessions – 90 minutes each

WHY: To give spiritual companions an affordable intro to this essential part of companionship

HOW: Practical teaching offered with a sense of humility and humor

RECOMMENDED WORKBOOK: Lucy’s new one, naturally!

(Not included in workshop price)

Master Teacher

Lucy Abbott Tucker is one of the founders of Spiritual Directors International and she led the task force to write and establish SDI’s official Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for all spiritual directors, regardless of culture or tradition. She has worked in adult formation and the preparation of people for the ministry of spiritual direction for 35 years. Lucy has led in retreats and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Watch her wisdom in action in this SDI Learns video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU3SOEzZf1M .

Workshop Sessions

Session 1 – Why?

Why is it important for you to talk in supervision? Lucy will guide participants so they can explore their own answers to this key question.

Session 2 – What?

What is your own definition of spiritual direction supervision? Given that definition, what did you intend to do in any spiritual direction session? Did you go off track? These questions bulwark more experiential learning.

Session 3 – Who?

Who needed the “what” that you chose to do as a spiritual companion? Lucy will use open-ended questions to help even practiced deep listeners towards self-discovery.

Session 4 – How?

Lucy will show you how to use principles, practices and storytelling to move forward in both spiritual direction and supervision.



Scholarships are available for those facing financial hardship. Please apply here.


What people are saying about Lucy’s new book:

“What a wealth of assistance Lucy Abbott Tucker provides for both new and well-versed spiritual companions. With her wisdom and vast experience, she presents supervision as the opportunity for spiritual directors to grow in being their best and truest selves in their ministry. This handbook contains a treasure chest of depth-filled questions and practical suggestions. The insightful exercises offer greater clarity regarding purpose and practice, along with providing an opportunity for ongoing growth through supervision. This handbook is a must for any spiritual director intent on not getting in the way of their directees.”
Joyce Rupp, OSM
“Lucy Abbott Tucker’s Spiritual Direction Supervision: Principles, Practices, and Storytelling is a workbook for which I have long been looking. One of the most puzzling and persistent problems I worry about is a tendency for spiritual directors not to continue in supervision after completing a practicum. In this slim volume, Tucker succinctly and practically describes a framework beyond attending to transference and countertransference in the supervisory process.”
Janet Ruffing, RSM, PhD
“Lucy Abbott Tucker has created a delicious cookbook for spiritual direction supervision. Her recipes for ethical, effective supervision are grounded in wisdom developed over years of practice, study and reflection. This book offers a trustworthy framework for the ongoing growth and formation of spiritual directors, one that encourages a covenanted commitment to unequivocal self-examination, authenticity and accountability. “
Karen Erlichman, DMin, LCSW
“In Islam, the goal of spiritual companionship is to explore ways to evolve into the fullness of one’s being and find joy in serving God’s creation. This delightful book offers precious wisdom and invaluable guidance for the supervisor, spiritual director and directee to achieve these goals. The author skillfully outlines a variety of prescriptions and models derived from wisdom sources and her own personal experiences to connect and integrate with self, others, the Holy and the Universe.”
Imam Jamal Rahman
“Lucy Abbott Tucker is a gifted storyteller who gently affirms and empowers the reader by weaving the work of the Divine throughout her teachings. The author offers practical tools and principles to empower spiritual directors as they stretch into the role of supervisor. Spiritual Direction Supervision – Principles, Practices & Storytelling has been a valuable resource to my training and a stand-alone guide to spiritual direction supervision. Permission and encouragement are offered by her words: “Allow yourself to become the spiritual director and supervisor that lives within you and is your gift to the world.”
Joan Alexander
“Just like Lucy herself, this guide is practical, up-to-date, straight-forward, and filled with amazing experience and wisdom. Lucy Abbott Tucker, a pioneer who helped design the practice of supervision in spiritual direction, has created a new resource that supports the continued growth and development of both supervisees and supervisors and enhances the field for us all. If you aren’t able to take a supervision training with Lucy, this is the next best gift you can give yourself as a supervisor.”
Wendie Bernstein Lash

We are limited to 200 people in this SDI Live Digital Workshop. If you are sure you want this kind of interactive learning experience from a master teacher, and you’ve checked your calendar to be sure you can make all the dates, we recommend you register now to guarantee your place.

“Supervision is not a forum that polices spiritual directors or decides who is in and who is out. At the same time, without supervision, we are much more likely to neglect or ignore our own blind spots, how we are subtly pushing and pulling out directees. When the same type of trust that enables spiritual directions sessions to be safe places is present in supervision sessions, a great deal of growth can happen.”

Lucy Abbott Tucker


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