Ignatian Spirituality for Women

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This is a journey of transformation.

It begins with a simple yet life-changing choice:

To embrace an established contemplative tradition without compromising who you are.

Join us as we explore the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises,

adapted specifically to the spiritual experiences of women.

In this contemplative, experiential webinar series, we will pay close attention to the story and uniqueness of each woman’s spiritual experience of God – or the ground of all being –  in the context of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and life in the spirit.

Spiritual direction, companionship, and accompaniment have deep scriptural roots. In the Christian tradition, we find varied examples of women’s experience of spiritual companionship. Women play a key role either as those accompanied or as those who accompany others. Think of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45) or Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet (Luke 10:38-42). Building on this insight, this webinar series aims to help spiritual companions understand the requisite sensitivity and skills for supporting women on their individual spiritual journeys — and to acknowledge challenges inherent in the process of accompanying women.

Led by Sister Anne Arabome, DMin, PhD, who is steeped in the Ignatian tradition,  participants will discern more deeply the significance of adaptability, scripture, contemplation, story, and embodied spirituality in facilitating the encounter between God and the spiritual pilgrim. Over the four sessions of the webinar, we will also explore other graces, such as inclusivity and liberation, that, for women, abound in and result from the privileged and mutually enriching relationship of spiritual accompaniment.

Though grounded in the contemplative Christian tradition, this webinar is open to those of all spiritual traditions and orientations. All are welcome.

Goals for Participants

  • Discovering simple yet transformative tools, patterns and insights for translating and adapting the Spiritual Exercises to the situations and experiences of women – recognizing and celebrating the Spirit at work in their lives.
  • Experiencing moments of interior serenity, spiritual renewal, and deep engagement within contemplative spiritual companionship.
  • Reconnecting with our interior lives and grace-filled stories as spiritual companions alongside those of spiritual pilgrims.
  • A richer comprehension and a heightened awareness of the uniqueness and richness of women’s spiritual journeys.
  • A prayerful moment during each session that will deepen participants’ attentiveness to their own life in the Spirit.

Course Description

  • Session 1 – – Spiritual Companionship, Women & the Spiritual Exercises – The Spiritual Exercises are anything but a prefabricated mold into which spiritual companions attempt to fit other people’s experiences. This session focuses on the importance of meeting women where they are, honoring their needs, dispositions, and circumstances, while gently drawing on the resources of Scripture to unlock their yearning, quest, and desires.
  • Session 2 – – Women’s Stories – This session looks at the importance of inviting women to share their personal stories and  apply their imagination to contemplative prayer. Women’s stories constitute a graced milieu for divine encounter. The spiritual companion plays a singular role of inviting such stories and leading pilgrims to discover sparks of the Spirit through a contemplative and holistic regard of how God is present and active in their stories.
  • Session 3 –  – Embodied and Connected – This session highlights the importance of facilitating an embodied spiritual encounter. The woman who seeks the experience of spiritual companionship does so holistically. No part of her life and her story is off-limits. She comes as she is and brings who she is in her entirety. A crucial task of the spiritual companion is not only to listen and affirm this dimension, but also to lead the pilgrim to connect all her dimensions and to name God’s actions writ large in her spiritual experience.
  • Session 4 – Contemplatives in Action and “Seeing God in All Things” -This session builds on the previous one and underscores the importance of approaching spiritual companionship with an open heart and an open mind. This means inclusivity or what Ignatius of Loyola formulates as “seeing God in all things.” So doing, the spiritual companion is able to uncover depths of giftedness and lead the pilgrim to respond to God’s presence at all times and in all things with unencumbered freedom and boundless generosity.



You can enjoy the webinar any time you like. Each session is recorded so you can watch at your convenience.


Our Approach

Life learning, not book learning. Experiential, contemplative, spiritual. We want to open a gateway to understanding and connection.  We’d rather companion you to an insight than impress you with a list of facts. Because most of our audience are spiritual directors and companions – including chaplains, life coaches and others who offer spiritual care -, we focus on the practical and care-giving side of the equation. Of course, since we all are spiritual beings, this webinar series can benefit anyone.




Anne Arabome, DMin, PHD – Anne is the associate director of Marquette University’s Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality. She is a member of the Sisters of Social Service in Los Angeles, CA. She received her training in Ignatian Spirituality at St. Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Wales, UK. Anne is a firm believer in the transformative and renewing power of the Spiritual Exercises and has accompanied people of all walks of life in various settings, including hospital and youth chaplaincy and an internship in L’Arche Community. Anne holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in spirituality at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the University of Roehampton, London, UK. She is co-founder of Wellspring Africa, an affiliate with Works In New Directions, a non-profit corporation that operates under the auspices of the Sisters of Social Service. Wellspring assists young African women who live in poverty to move forward with their lives through education and life guidance.

Who We Are

SDI is an educational nonprofit, serving 6,600 members in 42 countries around the world. We are committed to supporting and growing access to spiritual companionship and the deep listening, open questions and compassion our healing modality offers.

Additional Information

Each session will run 75 minutes. We understand that the timing of the seminar will not be convenient in every time zone on the planet. For those who have trouble making this time, a recorded copy of each session will be made available to all those who sign up. CEU credits are available for all those who participate. (See below)

Who may join the webinar?

Everyone is invited to participate in SDI Webinars.

Are CEUs available?

SDI will provide a certificate of completion for self-reporting to agencies. More information can be found here:  continuing education units (CEUs).


Scholarships are available for those facing financial hardship. Please apply here.


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