“The Way is Not to God, But with God” — Welcome to a Journey of Questions


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Questions are often the signposts of spiritual travel.

Respond to the questions below to create your own contemplative itinerary.

Bon voyage.

1) Make space for stillness – in whatever way works best for you in your life – and discern over the message: “The way is not to God, but with God.” If the message doesn’t resonate, how might you re-phrase it so it would?

2) If it does resonate, how can you see it manifest in your experience, in the experience of those people you companion?

3) Consider these questions and be open enough to sit with whatever arises:

4) Who do you want to forgive right now?

5) Who do you want to hold in tender compassion – someone you currently do not feel compassionate towards? (This could be yourself or others.)

6) How might you change your own habits or practice to companion God (the Universe, the ground of all being or however you discern this deep connection)?

7) Imagine God as your directee? What’s your first question?

8) Imagine listening to God/Universe as if she/he/they were a partner in life? Ask her/them/he to dance with you? What does God say? How do you reply? If you dance, what music, what style, how does it feel? Allow yourself space and silence.

Please feel free to discern about this particular spiritual practice, too, and let us know what you would like in any future practices … in the comments or by email [email protected].

Thank you for being part of our community. Love to you. And blessings to you on your way. 🙏❤️

Guest Author

Guest Author




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