The Call of Our Times – 12 Sessions – Recorded

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The Call of Our Times - Join Rabbi Amy Eilberg for a 12-session, deep-dive into the calling of spiritual companionship - exploring social justice, wisdom as it emerges in our time of crisis, and loving-kindness meditation.

By purchasing all 12 Sessions bundled together, you will be participating in three unique teachings from Rabbi Amy:

Social Justice and Spiritual Direction

How best can spiritual companions support the creation of a just community? And how can they find the balance to do their work without burning out? Join us for contemplative, experiential learning – with wisdom from Rabbi Amy and others – and ample time in breakout groups to learn from each other.

Wisdom in Hardship

Racism. Pandemic. Corruption. Isolation. What breaks us can also lead us to wholeness. Join us as we explore spiritual learnings in these times of crisis and change.  Paradox can be the gate through which we pass to contemplative wisdom.  Difficulty can be a catalyst for enlightened action. In breakout groups, we’ll dialogue about how these truths emerg in real-life situations.

Love in the World - Metta Meditation in Practice

Loving-kindness meditation – or metta – comes from the Buddhist tradition, but is practiced by people of all spiritual traditions and inclinations. Scholars say it encompasses benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others. In practice, it inspires connection, community and service. A perfect match for spiritual companionship. Rabbi Amy will guide a session full of practice – including small group work.


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