Weep, Sing, Rage, Breathe. Practical Spiritual Tools

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When we’re actively falling apart, how do we keep it together?

When the ties that bind seem to be unraveling, how do we re-ground ourselves?


Practical Spiritual Tools for the End of 2020

Sarah Cledwyn,
Webinar Host

Spiritual Guide and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou

Musician, activist, theologian, author, filmmaker, and public intellectual

Alan Haras

Cofounder and Codirector of Ignatian yoga, spiritual director, certified coach

Teresa Mateus

Psychotherapist and Healer with a focus on ancestral reclamation and indigenous practices

 The last weeks of 2020 are poised to heap upon us all additional stresses and traumas at the end of a long, stressful and traumatic year. 

How do we as spiritual companions enhance our calm, maintain poise and groundedness through the worst of moments? 

How do we cope with the overwhelm, and then begin to heal? How do we share these techniques with those we companion? 

A stellar cast of experienced healers and artists bring their profound stories, practices and teachings to this webinar. Guided throughout by popular spiritual director and energy healer Sarah Cledwyn, this workshop presents body-centered explorations of intersectional tools that we can use for transformation, active surrender, sustaining and supporting ourselves and others. 

This webinar is designed with the end of 2020 in mind: highly charged political circumstances around the globe, uncertainty around a long-awaited vaccine, the cumulative impact of climate change, festering and newly re-opened wounds of racial trauma, disrupted family-home-school routines, and continued economic instability for many.

Come together with other spiritual companions to weep, rage, sing, breathe (and laugh, create, mourn, sit, stretch, and more!) as we turn inward to cope and to heal.

Our Journey

Session 1

Sarah Cledwyn "From the Depths to the Heights"

This workshop will be a time to practice walking through the depths, coming into center and creating forward.  We will use embodied spiritual practice for all the seasons we find ourselves in during this wild year.  Life contains within it a complete experience.  Our practices have the power to alter our perspective and transform the world while things continue to unfold as they will.  Join Sarah Cledwyn as we get into our body and practice through our fear, witness the world and be the  change, hope and dream that we long for.

Session 2

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou "The Task of the Artist in the Time of Monsters"

Given the political acrimony and corruption of religious institutions, what are the ways in art an artist can offer a transcendent experience that helps us imagine the world anew? Critically acclaimed musician and activist, Rev. Sekou believes that artist will play a critical role in healing the acrimony that besets much of our national dialogue. Rev. Sekou’s own music builds upon movement music by the SNCC Freedom Singers, The Staple Singers, and the blues tradition. By accessing the life work of cultural genius such Albert Camus, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, and Rosetta Tharpe, Rev. Sekou unearths the ways in which artists have provided the balm for wounded social justice warriors. Presented in the shadow of the contentious election and fraught political environment, Rev. Sekou will help us think and sing through these tragicomic circumstances that is our nation.

Session 3

Alan Haras "From Cannonball to Cardoner: St. Ignatius, Yoga & Posttraumatic Growth"

This week we explore a portion of the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola – from the moment he was struck by a cannonball during the Battle of Pamplona, to his enlightenment experience on the banks of the River Cardoner.  By imagining St. Ignatius as a kind of “patron saint” of posttraumatic growth, participants will be invited, through a variety of reflective and embodied practices, to discover themselves within Ignatius’s story.

Session 4

Teresa Mateus "Grief, Rage and Celebration: How We Honor & Ritualize These Symbiotic Elements of Distressing Times"

Grief, rage and celebration are powerful mechanisms for spiritual empowerment, growth and foundational dimensions of spiritual ritual throughout time and across traditions. Often we can see rage as an emotional experience to be avoided, but it is often an elemental counterpoint to grief and we can often galvanize us to action. We can find a way to hold and honor both grief and rage and to find our way into celebration – often not even in a particular sequence but rather as a fluid process – moving in and out of one and into another. In our time together we will explore the ways in which these elements can be in conversation, why honoring them in our distressing times is both a radical and necessary act, and the ways in which we can find joy and celebration in the midst of all that we are facing – in the face of Covid-19 and in a period of powerful Uprising and economic distress.

We will share in an opening grounding practice (engaging a breathing practice from the Yogic lineage) and a closing ritual of release (grounded in the lineage of the Incan Paqo healer tradition) together as part of this time together.


Sarah Cledwyn

Sarah Cledwyn, MA is a spiritual director, energy healer and the Director of Inquiry and Discernment for Sacred Ground Center for Spirituality. Sarah uses energy work and BioSpiritual focusing as tools in her personal and professional work and has found using the body as a compass a potent technique for expanding awareness.  Sarah specializes in working with people whose primary desire is to live in deepening alignment in all areas of their life including business, service, activism and spiritual seeking.  Sarah’s current learnings are bringing total trust in guidance to the fore in her entrepreneurship, food and racial justice activism, and parenting as well as taking particular guided action that wells up from stillness. She has been known to put a sign out on a coffee shop table and offer guerrilla spiritual direction in her hometown of St. Paul, MN USA. 

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou

Nationally sought-after musician, activist, theologian, author, filmmaker, and public intellectual, Reverend Osagyefo Sekou is considered one of the leading figures in nonviolent civil resistance and social change.

With the Deep Abiding Love Project, he has helped trained over ten thousand clergy and activists in militant nonviolent civil disobedience through the United States.  He spent 6 weeks on the ground in Charlottesville, VA training clergy in response to the Unite the Right rally. Rev Sekou was arrested multiple times during the Ferguson Uprising, including for ‘Praying while Black’ outside the Ferguson Police Department in September, alongside over 40 clergy, faith leaders and community members during the 500-strong Moral Monday protest.

In Times Like These, Rev. Sekou debut solo album, was produced by six-time Grammy nominated North Mississippi Allstars. His music is an unique combination of Arkansas Delta Blues, Memphis Soul 1970s funk, and Gospel. The sonic landscape of Rev. Sekou’s music captures the toil of Southern field hands, the guttural cry of chain gangs, the vibrancy of contemporary street protest, backwoods juke joints, and shotgun churches. The single, “We Comin’”—was named the new anthem for the modern Civil Rights movement by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He currently serves as theologian in residence at Valley & Mountain church in South Seattle.

Alan Haras

Alan Haras‘ work takes place at the nexus between psychology and spirituality.  With a Masters in Religious Studies, Alan has spent over 20 years studying various transpersonal theories of human development – with special interests in Yoga, Vedanta, Ignatian Spirituality and Psychosynthesis. Alan is the cofounder of Ignatian Yoga, and was a member of SDI’s 2015 cohort of New Contemplatives. Currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work, he has been exploring the relationship between moral injury, spirituality and post-traumatic growth.  Alan lives in Rochester, Michigan. 

Teresa Mateus

Teresa Mateus, LCSW, E-RYT 200, is the co-founder and Co-Director of The Mystic Soul Project and co-creator and Director of TRACC4Movements (trauma response and crisis care for movements). She has served as a psychotherapist and healer for nearly 15 years focusing on trauma and centers her work at the intersections of mysticism, activism and healing with a focus on ancestral reclamation and indigenous practices. Teresa is the author of Going Naked: Camino de Santiago & Life as Pilgrimage, Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma & Recovery, Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing From Spiritual Trauma. She is currently in the mentorship and initiation process in the Incan Paqo healing tradition, working with Latinx-centering herbalism practices for herself and the communities she serves, and engages actively in BIPOC-centering in her spiritual and healing work. Teresa is currently based in Chicago, Illinois where she lives on the Northside of the city with her two pups. 

Frederica Helmiere

Frederica Helmiere serves as Director of Programs and Events at SDI. Inspired by the subversive-mystical Christian tradition and a penchant for mountains, she has spent two decades exploring entanglements at the intersections of spirituality, social justice, and ecology. She holds two masters degrees from Yale Divinity School and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and a BA from Dartmouth College in Religion & Environmental studies. She lives and plays in Seattle with her partner and two young children.


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