Seeking in the Company of Others by Roslyn Weiner

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A new resource on group spiritual direction from


In the Company

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The Wisdom of Group

Spiritual Direction

Announcing the publication of a new book from SDI Press. “Seeking in the Company of Others – The Wisdom of Group Spiritual Direction”, written by spiritual director and psychologist Roslyn G. Weiner. With over eighteen years of experience facilitating groups in spiritual direction, Dr. Weiner brings a warm, creative, and practical approach to one of the key aspects of our contemplative calling and it will complement any spiritual director's bookshelf.

“Spirituality is a deeply intimate, personal journey. Yet we benefit so much from companions on the way, others who seek the holy, who desire to live more authentically, who long for justice, who seek to repair and heal the world around them in some small way. In this book, Roslyn Weiner offers us the fruit of nearly two decades of practice in group spiritual direction.”

—Dr. Claire Wolfteich, Boston University

About the Author

Roslyn G. Weiner, PhD, STM, a seasoned spiritual director and psychologist, conveys passion for the practice of spiritual direction through writing and teaching, rooted in listening for the sacred whispering within her soul and the souls of those who invite her to witness their seeking. She earned a PhD in psychology from Yale University and an STM degree from the School of Theology, Boston University.


There are no books out there focusing on group spiritual direction from a Jewish perspective, and few if any demonstrating the practice’s value for the spiritual well-being of clergy themselves, whatever their faith background. Seeking in the Company of Others ably fills those gaps with intelligence and heart. The author advances the practice of group spiritual direction by offering a unique model developed through eighteen years of experience with long-running groups, including some that have lasted ten years or more. Her model shows the creative, dynamic potential in this practice and its importance as a pathway to spiritual deepening and growth.
Ann Kline
contributing author to Spiritual Direction in Context, The Gift of Group Spiritual Direction and Jewish Spiritual Direction
Seeking in the Company of Others offers a practical, creative approach to group spiritual direction that will be warmly welcomed by both novice and experienced spiritual directors. Grounded in eighteen years’ experience of leading groups, the author presents a unique, well-tested model of group direction, along with a treasury of rich reflections and abundant resources for establishing groups. Interpreting group spiritual direction within a Jewish context, the book is a robust contribution to interfaith conversations in its exploration of what is held in common with other spiritual traditions as well as what is particular to Jewish understandings. Clearly and compellingly written, this book will reward careful reading and courageous practice.
Rev. Dr. Marlene Kropf
Professor Emerita in Spiritual Formation and Worship, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (Elkhart, Indiana)
Seeking in the Company of Others: The Wisdom of Group Spiritual Direction is an important book. Drawing on her extensive experience and unusual breadth of professional training, Dr. Weiner presents a cogent, clearly written exploration of both the “why” and the “how” of group spiritual direction in a Jewish context. As a participant in one of Dr. Weiner’s groups for the past fourteen years, I can speak enthusiastically to the accuracy of her description of the process and of the response of those who have benefitted from it. The book has potential value for those who are already trained in spiritual direction but wish to explore the possibility of extending their work to group process, as well as for those, particularly Jewish clergy, who might be interested in exploring the spiritual direction experience. Jewish spiritual direction is a subject of rapidly increasing interest. It offers a deeply grounding experience in personal spiritual growth which learns from and extends the resonances of Jewish traditional practice. At the same time, it supports the search for new and deeper ways of engaging with the Divine Presence. It builds on the sense of spiritual search which is a significant element in the contemporary scene and offers a universally accessible point of entrance for the seeker. Dr. Weiner makes a significant contribution in emphasizing the viability and value of a group setting for Jewish spiritual direction. While individual Jewish Spiritual Direction has been a developing field, Dr. Weiner has pioneered in creating and nurturing groups of Jewish clergy who engage together in spiritual direction over periods of years. While many were skeptical that Jewish clergy would be amenable to such an approach, Dr. Weiner provides abundant evidence of the success of this method and provides ample guidance to those who would seek to replicate her approach elsewhere. In sum, this is a book which offers important and valuable information on a timely topic. Its publication would offer real benefit to the audiences it addresses.
Rabbi Neil Kominsky
Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Emanuel of the Merrimack Valley, Lowell, Massachusetts


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