Dreams, Spiritual Direction & Companionship

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Dreams, Spiritual Direction & Companionship


Allen Proctor

Danielle Shroyer


February 13, 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 20, 2023
9AM – 10:30AM PST 
12PM – 1:30PM EST 


9 hours (total)


Webinar will be recorded.

What are your dreams trying to tell you? Across cultures, spiritual traditions, and time, dreams have served as a universal human language. Every spiritual tradition honors the way the Divine speaks to us in dreams. Join us for this six week course, where you’ll be introduced to tools for working with your dreams to deepen your own spiritual transformation. You’ll also experience the Haden group dreamwork method, which further opens the portal to the Divine through collective wisdom. Every night, the Holy Dreammaker visits us. Make this the year you decide to listen. 

Spiritual Direction is an intimate and committed relationship straddling the outer world of ego and the inner world of spirit. In spiritual companionship we often hear questions like “What does God want me to do or be?” “Where is there meaning in this situation?” “How do I know that what I hear is the voice of the Divine?”

What if there is a portal to the answers for these questions that is easily accessible and ever present? There is such a passageway, and it is dream work – the practice of translating messages from our nightly dreams into waking life. Across time and religious traditions and spiritual orientations, dreams are known as a profound source of communication with the Divine or the Beyond.

This online course from SDI introduces the practice of projective dream work based on the analytical psychology methods of Carl Jung; by offering tools for navigating the path toward spiritual maturity, bypassing ego resistance by using the language of symbol and metaphor, and imagery and story. Course participants are invited to bring a dream to share, or to participate in a circle to process a dream. The deep listening and shared inner images of the group experience introduce the profound inner work used to address psychological and spiritual issues frustrating our spiritual growth. Dream work enables practitioners to engage in social justice concerns motivated by compassion and reconciliation rather than projection, anger and self-righteousness. The projective method offers a model for both group and individual work, and many Spiritual Directors find dream work to be a deepening and enriching modality for accessing divine wisdom in spiritual companionship. Lectures with time for questions follows the facilitated dream group experience to expand on the foundational principles of Jungian psychology as a path to psychological wholeness, spiritual resilience and integrated social engagement.


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The webinar series will run 6 consecutive Mondays: February 13, 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 20, 2023 –  9 AM Seattle/Los Angeles, 11 AM Chicago, 12 PM New York, 5 PM London; Tuesdays: February 14, 21, 28 & March 7, 14, 21: 1 AM Hong Kong, 4 AM Sydney, Australia.

Find your own local time here.

But if that timing doesn’t work, you can enjoy the webinar any time you like.

Each session is recorded so you can watch at your convenience.


Allen Proctor

Allen Proctor is Director of the Haden Institute, spiritual director and Presbyterian Minister. Allen works with others to explore questions of identity, relationships, vocation and meaning, using Dream Work, the Enneagram, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, meditation practices and creation spirituality.

Danielle Shroyer

Danielle Shroyer is a spiritual director, author, speaker, and former pastor. She is a graduate of the Haden Institute’s Spiritual Direction and Dream Work programs and now serves as a Dream Work Mentor. She currently serves as Spiritual Director in Residence at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, where she creates formation resources and experiences rooted in wisdom spirituality. Danielle is a graduate of Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary and was a founding member of the emerging church movement. She is the author of Original Blessing: Putting Sin in its Rightful Place. A taekwondo black belt and a yoga enthusiast, she and her husband Dan have two college aged children. They live in Dallas with their two rescue dogs and a patio of feral cats. 

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