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Advertise in: SDI Encounters Podcast

Advertise on the SDI Encounters Podcast SDI Encounters is our on-demand audio show, with episodes released weekly. The show offers a wide range of perspectives,…


Advertise in: Presence Journal

Advertise in Presence Journal Presence is our highly respected, peer-reviewed, publication that is international in scope and outreach. Currently, Presence is “read” by more than…


Advertise in: Listen

Advertise in Listen Listen is an inviting, informative publication that is published digitally four times per year—January, April, July, and October. Its readers come from…


Advertise in: Digital Refuge

Advertise in Digital Refuge Digital Refuge newsletter is published on a roughly weekly/bi-weekly schedule via e-mail and is therefore published digitally. 20,000+ Spiritual Directors/Companions, Formation…


Advertise in: Connections

Advertise in Connections Connections is the Spiritual Directors International e-newsletter, written by and for Spiritual Directors/Companions. Published in February, May, August, and November, it offers…



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