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Advertise in Digital Refuge

Digital Refuge newsletter is published on a roughly weekly/bi-weekly schedule via e-mail and is therefore published digitally.

  • 20,000+ Spiritual Directors/Companions, Formation Training Programs, Retreat Centers and those with an interest in or who are seeking Spiritual Companionship.
  • Beautiful, vibrant full color!
  • Hyperlinks provide readers a quick and easy way to learn more about you and your product or resource.

Digital Refuge Rates

  • Large Image (Standalone)  800px x 800px at 96dpi                          USD $299.00
  • Medium Image (Standalone) 400px x 400px at 96dpi                       USD $199.00
  • Small Image Group 600px x 600px at 96dpi                                        USD $99.00
  • (Small Image Group will display smaller in the email)

Digital Refuge Deadlines

As this is “generally” a weekly/bi-weekly publication, reservations are due two weeks prior to your desired issue and the ad copy is required one week prior to the desired issue.

Note which issue you would like your ad(s) to be in in the NOTES section on the shopping cart page.

Ad Requirements

JPG or PNG file format is preferred for your advertisement submittal.

Ad Discounts

Discounts apply for insertions of one unique ad placed in more than one issue of the same publication:

  • 1 ad 2 insertions 5% discount
  • 1 ad 3+ insertions 7.5% discount

Discounts may be available for similarly priced ads placed in multiple publications. Contact for details. To receive any discount, you must purchase the number of insertions at the time of your initial Reservation/Purchase.

Terms and Conditions

See our Advertising Guidelines Document for Terms and Conditions.

Additional information

Ad Size

Large Image, Medium Image, Small Image Group


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