My Sacred Goodbye Ritual – a Free 36-page PDF for Grieving During the Pandemic


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Editor’s note: This is a gift from a spiritual companion new to the SDI Community, Eileen Dunn. We are grateful for her generosity and heart. Sociologists estimate that each COVID-19 death will touch 9 close relatives. (At the time of this writing, that is more than 2.7 million people in the U.S. alone. So, this resource is particularly valuable.)

“We cannot be at your bedside and our physical separation is gutting me. I have never felt such a tearing of my heart, my soul. I am at a complete loss. My anguish is paralyzing. You are dying alone. I want to rage against our separation but there is no time. That will come later. What can I do? I intuitively know I cannot focus on what I don’t have, the gift of being with you. I have to find another way to create our sacred goodbye NOW. There are no second chances, no do-overs in death. I don’t want to live with regrets or anger over not being able to be there physically. I have to find a way to be energetically at your bedside.”

From “My Sacred Goodbye Ritual” by Eileen Dunn

The pandemic is causing thousands and thousands of people to die alone. My heart has been breaking in quiet desperation for so many. A question arises – what can I do? Is there a way of to hold a sacred space for family and friends as they struggle with this new way of having to say goodbye to their dying loved one?

My name is Eileen Dunn. I create healing programs. Healing is your story, it’s my story, it’s our planet’s story. Our world demands healing right now. And I believe healing is possible –  once we shed our fear and understand our power to bring a new level of consciousness to all that we do, including how we grieve.

But what to do when family and friends can’t be with someone dying?

I mediated. I prayed. I listened. I wrote.

And I created My Sacred Goodbye Ritual. It’s free. And it’s designed to support people  in getting energetically into the room with their loved one when they are dying. 

You can download the guide here.

I invite you to freely share this with anyone who will benefit. 

The guide begins with support for anyone as they create their own ritual.

Here is an excerpt:

“Through the art of the ritual –

we are reminded who we are

and why we are here

Rituals help us keep our inner world in balance and tap into universal energies. We invite sacred energy into our lives. We are imprinted with the healing energy of the Universe. Rituals are as unique as the people creating them. People have different personalities, different spiritual beliefs. Some people like traditional rituals, other people like impromptu ones. Our intention is for you to create a meaningful and sacred ritual for YOU. Most rituals are energetically similar in their creation. We set the tone, bring in texture to the experience, and tap into the divine unfolding of love and grace. We find our rhythm …”

You will find step-by-step guidance to create your own “Sacred Goodbye Ritual” here.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the healing energy that you bring to our planet. Humanity needs you.



Eileen DunnIn her own words: “Let me share a bit about how I got here. I have always felt connected with the Universe. I was the kid who experienced being ONE with the grass … I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for college. Sunsets, mountains, hot springs, green chiles, Native American sweats, medicine wheels, stars. Yep, Land of Enchantment sums it up perfectly. In 1987, I went to Palenque, Mexico for the Harmonic Convergence. This experience shifted me into an awareness that changed me vibrationally. I arrived one way and I left completely different. My husband, Jack, and I opened EJ’s, a coffeehouse/restaurant in Albuquerque. Jack had struggled with addiction and had gotten sober. We wanted to offer a sober, community space for people in a true coffeehouse environment. (freshly roasted coffee/excellent food/ music/poetry). My days were filled with connecting with hundreds of people. I literally had thousands of conversations about healing. I was awakening to how we live repeating our patterns and the energetic cost of this.I continued my education in the galactic nature of Life. I lived a short time in Sedona, AZ, before it became the popular place it is now. I was part of a team that built a Mayan Calendar. We worked with the Calendar in much the same way as Native Americans work with their medicine wheels. We connected with expansive, universal energy through ritual and meditation. It was a collaboration of profound and sacred healing energy. In 1996, four months after we sold EJ’s my brother, Kevin, died in an accident. My world shattered. My heart shattered. My soul shattered. I was lost. A few months later, working at Jenny Craig’s (talking food patterns with people all day long), in walks Amy on Valentine’s Day. I had never met her before. She asks me for a paper and pen, and draws a Poncho Man. The Poncho Man was in every one of my brother’s art pieces. I burst into tears. On a very fundamental level, I know she is in touch with Kevin. She tells me she has the gift of speaking with dead people. She says Kevin has a message for me. “Write it down. It will be bigger than you can imagine. Have great patience.” I listen. And Warmly Eileen, my healing organization, was born. Among other things, we at Warmly Eileen bring consciousness to hospice workers who are ready to accept their positions as healers and sacred guides. We also create workshops for family members who are going through a dying experience of a love one.”

Guest Author

Guest Author




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  1. Thank you, Eileen, for this gift. Ritual is how we communicate with our larger psyche and deepest unconscious that something has changed, moved, different. Experiencing the death of a loved one without being physically present for neither the death nor the funereal gathering has caused untold harm. I so deeply appreciate the internal and external processes outlined in this open prayer. Warmly, Rev. Anna Marie Martin.

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