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Locating and interviewing a spiritual director or spiritual companion is an important step in your spiritual journey. SDI’s desire is to provide an easy, inviting way for seekers to find a spiritual director or spiritual companion, to find a training program, and/or a retreat center. We also help existing spiritual directors and companions find supervisors and additional training resources.

About the FASC Guide

To aid your process in finding a spiritual director or spiritual companion, SDI offers this resource to help you locate and reach out to one of the more than 6000 spiritual directors and companions listed in our free searchable database below.

Find a Spiritual Director/Companion uses database software to provide a list of spiritual directors  and spiritual companions, retreat centers, and formation and training programs that are displayed according to your specific search criteria. It is updated constantly and available to you around the clock.


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New to this? Read this resource for practical tips and questions about beginning to work with a spiritual director or companion.

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Maki Ashe Van Steenwyk
Christianity, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, LGBTQIA+, Mindfulness/Meditation, Young Adults
I come to the vocation of spiritual direction as an activist and mystic. And as a trans woman. I am particularly interested in the intersections of spiritual formation, social justice, and creativity. I bring with me a recognition that oppression stifles spirituality—that the dominant myths of our society (which are tied up in capitalist systems, white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, etc) are barriers to liberation of our bodies and spirits. My experience helps me notice things that other spiritual directors may not understand or might miss. Other things about me: I am the Executive Director of the Center for Prophetic Imagination in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can find out more about my approach to spiritual direction on our website. I am the author of of handful of books, including A Wolf at the Gate, unKingdom, and That Holy Anarchist. I've contributed to other books and have been published in magazines like Sojourners, Geez Magazine,, Leadership Magazine, the Mennonite, and Mennonite World Review. My work has been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribute, the Boston Globe, and on Most of that stuff tends to show my work under my old name, when I was doing intentional community work in the vein of the Catholic Worker. Educationally speaking, I have a B.S. in Ministry from the University of Northwestern, an M.Div. from Bethel Theological Seminary, and a graduate certificate in Spiritual Direction from the University of St. Catherine. I am currently currently working on my doctoral dissertation at United Theological Seminary, developing a socio-spiritual model of discernment. Most of my work exists at the intersection of spirituality and justice. Because of that, I consider my vocation deeply prophetic. Folks often assume a prophetic vocation is at odds with a pastoral one: that prophetic means angry and pastoral means tender. I believe this is fundamentally false. To me, a prophetic perspective is just a contemplative gaze turned outward. It is to see the nature of society, with its myths and systems. And to notice the way these systems and myths find their way into our imaginations, where they become the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories that imprison us. The compassion that makes me want to help the person in the seat across from me find complete liberation and freedom is the same compassion that delighted in seeing the third precinct burn after George Floyd's death. That last paragraph should give you a sense of what sort of spiritual director I am.
Rev. Mona Chicks
Christianity, Interfaith
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Asian Cultures, BIPOC, Codependency, Education, Enneagram, European Cultures, Group Spiritual Direction, Women's Issues
Director of Spiritual Formation Programs and Co-Director of Christian Formation and Direction Ministries (CFDM) Northwest. Spiritual Director and Companion. Pastor, teacher, leader.
Br. John Michael Longworth, OEF
Buddhism, Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School
Addiction, Alcoholism, Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, Immigrants/Displaced, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Physical or Sexual Abuse
I am a life professed Ecumenical Franciscan with connections to Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal spirituality. I have been an ordained Christian clergy-person since 2007 and I have been in intentional community since 2010. I have been trained in the art of Spiritual Direction by the Daughters of Wisdom and through a Spiritual Accompaniment Practicum at Still Harbor in Boston, MA. I was a chaplain for college students at a university in Massachusetts, and I was the lead street chaplain in my community offering care in neighborhoods, encampments, and public social spaces for 6 years.

I currently serve as a housing advocate and grant writer for Vermont's largest organization accompanying people through homelessness. I served as the Coordinator of Formation Ministry for the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans from 2016-2022, and I continue to accompany individuals through formation for community life. As a Franciscan, I feel most called to accompany and serve alongside people living at the margins, celebrating their inherent dignity and worth.

I am a Queer, Non-binary, and Aro/Ace Christian and theologian. My spiritual care is rooted in the joyful self discovery of others and I enjoy working with individuals who are coming to deeper understandings of themselves, their relationships, and the family and community structures they are creating in response to those new understandings. Queer spirituality and a celebration of the non-binary complexity of the Holy and the Divine are key parts of my practice.

The core of my direction work is centered in four areas:
1. Vocational Discernment & Spiritual Formation
2. Healing & Grief work related to Spiritual Trauma & Abuse, especially for LGBTQIA+ individuals and families
3. Discernment around healthy relationships, boundaries, and spiritual self care.
4. Grief & Loss

I'd love to meet you and have a chance to hear your story and to bear witness to what is unfolding in your life. Please reach out to schedule an initial consultation and we can see if Spirit intends for us to be companions on the journey for a season.
Tree of Life Interfaith Temple
Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual Independent
Formation/Training School

The Tree of Life Interfaith Temple offers worship services weekly on Sundays and on certain holidays. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Our Seminary Program and programs in the form of classes, workshops, and retreats, offer an interspiritual approach to bringing the Divine into everyday life.

We are a community of ordinary people forging the extra-ordinary mission to create a place where we may practice truly seeing the Divine within all peoples of all religions.

Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program

Registration for the Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program is NOW OPEN for the 2022-23 season. Please visit our website to request more information or to apply:

Spiritual Mentoring offers the opportunity to hold another in a space of love, compassion, and acceptance as they seek to align with their own inner Divinity. A spiritual mentor creates a space in which a mentee will be seen, heard, and guided on their spiritual journey. This profound opportunity to guide another makes the mentoring process a sacred opportunity to sit with another and experience the Divine Beloved within the mentee.

​The Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program is especially designed for those wanting to cultivate the inner presence and skills necessary for offering mentoring to those in need. This program is open to ordained clergy, seminarians in training, as well as to mental health counselors and other helping professionals who may desire to incorporate a spiritual focus into their practice. If you are interested in this program but do not find yourself in one of the above categories, please contact us to discuss your particular situation and, together, we can assess the appropriateness of this program for you.

The Goals of Spiritual Mentoring are to . . .

  • Create a safe container where the client can feel seen, heard, and honored.
  • Deepen and strengthen the client’s experience of and relationship to the Divine in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them.
  • Help the client to name, understand and work with the problems, blocks, and patterns in their life by using spiritual perspectives and practices.
  • Guide the client to assume self-responsibility, not for all that happens to them, but for how they choose to be with what happens.
  • Assist the client in remembering their Wholeness, integrating all aspects of the self – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Support the client in the cultivation of compassion (heart), discernment (mind), and courage (action).

Sample Topics Covered in the Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program

  • Developing the mentor/client relationship – establishing trust
  • Deep listening – qualities of presence – skills of attunement
  • Basic skills: reflecting feelings, restating information, questioning, offering reflections
  • Identifying the core issue(s) – going beyond the “story”
  • The use of spiritual practices in the mentoring process, e.g. prayer, meditation, journaling
  • Cultural and identity awareness
  • Working with trauma, grief and loss
  • Understanding the spectrum of anxiety, depression, and addictions
  • Seeing the client as a mirror – ongoing self-awareness and growth
  • Scope of practice – knowing our limits – when and how to refer out
  • Ethical issues – confidentiality and boundaries
  • Self-care – exploring our personal practices
  • Envisioning your Spiritual Mentoring practice – professional and practical issues
  • Ongoing support for the mentor

Dates and Times
The class will meet one full Saturday and one Wednesday evening per month from September 2022 until June 2023.
Saturdays: 9am-5pm ET. 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, 12/17, 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15, 5/20, 6/17
Wednesdays: 6:30-9:00pm ET. 9/28, 11/2, 12/7, 1/4, 2/1, 3/1, 3/29, 5/3, 6/7
We are open to the possibility of adjusting the times to accommodate those in other time zones. Final times will be determined by the class cohort.

The class will be structured to be available in dual-mode, allowing participants to be either in-person or online via Zoom.

The cost for the program is $1800. Payment plans are available. If you have taken the program in the past, a discount will be available.

Beth Cohen is a psycho-spiritual counselor and bodymind therapist in private practice. She was ordained by the Tree of Life Temple in 2013 and certified as a Spiritual Mentor in 2018. She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy from Antioch New England Graduate School.

She worked for many years in the mental health field as a counselor and expressive arts therapist, and in the holistic health field as a bodymind practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and massage therapist.

Her greatest passion is exploring human potential and the evolution of humanity. She loves dance, yoga, music, creative writing, and all creatures great and small. She can often be found walking in the woods with her dogs, or lying in a hammock with a good book.

Carrie A. Ives is an interfaith spiritual director and ordained minister with personal and professional experience working with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Her program ‘Spiritual Resiliency: 5 Facets to a Complementary Treatment Program’ and her book ‘Chronically Inspired: Living a Divine Calling through Chronic Illness’ (working title, under contract with PageMill Press) both explore the intersection of spirituality and chronic illness. She is trained in trauma and trauma-informed care. Carrie serves on the Leadership Council of Tree of Life Interfaith Temple in Amherst, NH. She leads worship services 4-5 times per year.

Carrie is a longtime member of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Chelmsford, MA and is currently studying for a Masters of Spirituality at Merrimack College, Andover, MA. She lives in Chelmsford with her two partners and their three fur-babies.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or visit
We look forward to hearing from you!

Pilar Gateman
English, Spanish
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available, Chaplain
Alcoholism, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, European Cultures, Latin American Cultures, Mindfulness/Meditation
Sometimes life reminds me of the old Beatles tune “long and winding road”. It’s good to have someone to share in the twists and turns. It would be my privilege to walk alongside you. My road includes being married for 26 years and having 3 children. I was born to an immigrant family and speak Spanish and English. I love to kayak, walk and read. I was a teacher for 14 years and am now an ordained Anglican priest, RCMP chaplain and Spiritual Director. I enjoy teaching classes, leading workshops and speaking about Spiritual Formation. That experience as well as personal times of winding roads, has shown me the value of sharing the journey with another in the light of Christ. I’m currently available Mondays and Fridays regularly for direction. Other times may be available upon request. I am happy to meet online or in person if you are close by. I’m in Alberta time zone, (MST) Bookings can be made at
Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development
Camp Hill
Formation/Training School, Offers Graduate School Credit, Has Internet Courses Available
Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development offers ecumenical online training programs in spiritual direction and contemplative prayer practices: deepening growth through spiritual companioning, day workshops, and retreat leadership.
Franklin Achionye
Spiritual Director, Formation/Training School
Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, Health Care, Mental Health/Depression, Young Adults
I am catholic priest belonging to the Missionary Society of St Paul ordained in June, 2014. I am a Nigerian but currently working as a Missionary in Kenya. I worked for about two years in a parish in the Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria before coming into Formation. Apart from my priestly training, I have also been trained in Formation and Clinical Pastoral Education and currently running a Masters program in Christian Spirituality at Creighton University, USA. I am currently working in the training of future Missionary priest for the Catholic Church. This I have been doing for the past five years. My present place of work is at St Patrick's Theology House of Formation, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. My major work is accompanying students in their discernment joining to the priesthood. I also give our students spiritual conferences and classes. I also work as a Spiritual Director to students training for Formation at the AOSK Chemchemi Centre, Karen, Nairobi. I give retreats, recollection and do Spiritual direction. I am happy to help others in the best way I can.
Brian Beall
Buddhism, Christianity, Eco/Nature-based
Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Nichola A. Torbett
Spiritual Independent
Buddhism, Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Quaker, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent, Unitarian Universalist
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School
Addiction, Alcoholism, Codependency, Dreamworker, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Grief and Loss, LGBTQIA+, Mindfulness/Meditation, Young Adults
It would be my honor to sit with you as you listen for the ways that life is longing to express itself ever more deeply through you. My special areas of focus are addiction recovery, revitalization for social justice activists, healing from internalized white supremacy, and cultivating connection with wise and well ancestors. Oh, and queer magic! I also offer classes and workshops from time to time. The best place to find out about those, for now, is to follow Seminary of the Street on Facebook
Antonio Labayen, OCDS, MM
Ham Lake
English, Spanish, Tagalog
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Life Coach, Formation/Training School
Asian Cultures, Children/Teens, Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Divorced/Widowed, Dreamworker, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, Elderly/Mature, European Cultures, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Health Care, Immigrants/Displaced, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, Latin American Cultures, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Native/Indigenous Cultures, Non-Traditional Healing, People with Disabilities, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Psychic Phenomena, Young Adults
I am available for you anywhere in the world in any time zone, as I am at any time somewhere in the world in some time zone. Globally certified with honors from the Carmelite Mystic University in Ávila, Spain, I accompany you into the depths of your being. The final frontier is not outer space. The final frontier is our deepest self and our relationship with God. This is such a personal journey and adventure as you discover your own self in your own experience. My spiritual companionship experience combined with my own experience has brought me into the depths of my various practice areas, especially deep-seated trauma, not only on the psychological, but most especially on the spiritual level, drawing from the teachings of the mystic saints Teresa of Jesus, John of the Cross, and Edith Stein. I guide you through learning pathways that work for you to be more introspective in understanding yourself in relation to God. Estoy disponible para Ud en cualquier parte del mundo en cualquier zona horaria, como estoy en cualquier momento en algún lugar del mundo en alguna zona horaria. Certificado global con la nota sobresaliente desde la Universidad de la Mística Carmelita en Ávila, España, le acompaño a la profundidad de su ser. La última frontera no es el espacio exterior. La frontera final es nuestro yo más profundo y nuestra relación con Dios. Este es un viaje y una aventura tan personal a medida que se descubre a sí mismo en su propia experiencia. Mi experiencia de acompañamiento espiritual conjunto con mi propia experiencia me ha llevado a las profundidades de mis diversas áreas de práctica, especialmente al trauma profundamente arraigado, no solo en el nivel psicológico, sino más especialmente en el nivel espiritual, extrayendo de las enseñanzas de los santos místicas Teresa de Jesús, Juan de la Cruz y Edith Stein. Le guío a través de caminos de aprendizaje que le ayudarán a ser más introspectivo para comprenderse a sí mismo en relación con Dios.
Pami Parker
North Holland
Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Retreat Center, Life Coach, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Education, Energy Work, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Women's Issues
International known as a dynamic and enthusiastic Spiritual Companion, Coach, Counselor, and Wisdom Teacher, Pami masterfully guides and supports those she serves to live their authentic self. Her practice implements a holistic integrative approach to conscious (mindful) living.
Cherry Hill Seminary
Eco/Nature-based, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent, Unitarian Universalist, Wicca/Neopaganism
Formation/Training School, Offers Graduate School Credit, Has Internet Courses Available
Education in Pagan and Nature Spiritualities to transform the world. Cherry Hill Seminary is the leading provider of education and practical training in leadership, ministry, and personal growth in Pagan and Nature-Based spiritualities. We offer the Master of Divinity degree along with a Community Ministry Certificate (CMC) and Spiritual Direction Certificate (SpiDir), fully online with video class meetings. Our 24-month spiritual direction certificate program is cohort-based, with new communities forming in April of each year. This 24-month, fully virtual program is the first of its kind, as currently there are no programs grounded in earth-relating/deities-honoring spiritualities. More information may be found at
Eda Castillo
English, Tagalog
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Retreat Center, Formation/Training School
Education, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, Mindfulness/Meditation, Young Adults
My joy is in responding to the invitation of the Lord to accompany others in their quest for spiritual growth and relationship with God as they are, where they are. Spiritual Direction is one of the ministries that I am privileged to take on for the greater glory of God. I belong to the Order of Virgins and have been dedicating my life to the ministry of accompaniment through Spiritual Direction or spiritual companioning and retreat giving since November 1999, facilitation of prayer workshops since July 2009 and human formation sessions since September 2010. My formation includes that from Loyola School of Theology for my MA in Spirituality and Retreat giving and MA in Theological Studies (course work), Center for Ignatian Spirituality and CenterQuest, Ignatius Centre, Guelph Canada, Ontario, Canada, and Cova Saint Ignasi, Manresa, Spain. At this point in my life, I want to imitate the Good Shepherd and accompany people in their desire to grow in their relationship with God. I ground this desire in His faithfulness to His promise always to be present. We can find and experience His nearness because He first looks for us. We only need to search HIm with all our heart, soul, and strength.
Gloria M. Sanchez
Roxas City, Capiz
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English, Tagalog
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School
Asian Cultures, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Elderly/Mature, Group Spiritual Direction, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mental Health/Depression, Women's Issues, Young Adults
I was born and raised in Pasig City, Metro Manila. I have been exposed to spiritual formation trainings and have conducted spiritual formation programs for the past 30 years. I studied Religious and Values Education with specialization in Formative Counseling and Spiritual Direction in De La Salle University in Manila. I have always been drawn to be in the helping profession and have journeyed with many souls searching for a deeper relationship with God through Ignatian retreats and recollections. Personally believing in the wholistic approach of companioning people I obtained another Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling and became a licensed counselor. . Thirsting for more training in spiritual direction, I joined in several seminars and trainings on retreat-giving and my latest sojourn with the Jesuits was in a 40-day retreat/training program in Guelph, Canada in 2018. I am currently enrolled in the 16-month program of the Center Quest's School of Spiritual Direction. I also had a beautiful experience with Lucy Abbott Tucker of SDI as our mentor in a 3-month class on Supervision on Spiritual Direction. I am currently a member of Tagbadbad Foundation, Inc. It is a foundation catering to the formation of formators specifically Catholic Priests and Religious men and women.
Irina Dubinski
English, Russian
Christianity, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Life Coach, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Children/Teens, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Divorced/Widowed, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Health Care, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Sports, Women's Issues, Young Adults
I am an ordained priest in the Anglican Church (Diocese of Toronto). My education includes a Masters of Divinity from Wycliffe College, and Spiritual Direction Diploma from Regis College, University of Toronto. My prior career was in the academic and research spheres, and I have a PhD in the field of child language development, as well as a Bachelor's degree in linguistics. My personal spirituality has been shaped by a combination of growing up in the country influenced by its Eastern Orthodox heritage (albeit suppressed at the time), my early faith experiences in the Evangelical church, subsequent transition to the Anglican church for both theological and liturgical reasons, and finally, my formal training in Anglican theology and Jesuit spiritual direction. The practices I borrowed from each tradition comprise my own unique way of cultivating the awareness of God and connecting with Him/Her in prayer, and these include silent meditation, praying with scriptures, and contemplating the Orthodox icons. I am an amateur artist, and creating, viewing, and reflecting on visual art has always been another important context for my spiritual growth. My spiritual direction practice is steeped in the experiences I outline above; yet, I am happy to work with your inter-denominational and interfaith perspectives, as long as we share the values of deep listening, holy silence, awareness of the Transcendent, and respect for every human as created by God in the Divine Image. I offer in-person sessions, outdoor walks, and virtual experiences over the platform of your choice. I work with individuals, groups, couples, and families. My sessions are tailored to your unique needs, and include (but are not limited to): – Open-ended practice of spiritual guidance, companionship, and discernment – Instruction on various types of prayer – Guided meditation sessions and Lectio Divina (meditation on scripture) – Exercises from the Ignatian (Jesuit) tradition – Prayer through art – Spiritual direction for theological students, postulants, and new clergy I also offer special packages for prominent liturgical seasons, as well as courses in methods of prayer, and prayer through art.
MaryLou Gonzalez
English, Spanish
Christianity, Interfaith
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School
Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Grief and Loss, Immigrants/Displaced, Latin American Cultures
I am Mexican woman in mid 60"s with a master is pastoral studies and certified as a spiritual director with the Clarets in Chicago. I center most of my companionship around La Virgen de Guadalupe as she has been my guide in all my ministry. As a lay women I am well aware of the many obstacles we can face and the importance of listening to the stories as they are told. If you are interested in participating in spiritual direction in English or Spanish please feel free to contact me. Estoy Aqui para Eschuchar!
Caterina Lucke
Burnt Hills
Not Yet Selected
Formation/Training School
Tina FireWolf
Spiritual but Not Religious
Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Companion, Life Coach, Formation/Training School
Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Energy Work, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Women's Issues

Sometimes you just need someone to deeply listen. But not just listen – empower you to hear your own wisdom. I work with men and women of all faiths and traditions to help them embrace their current state of reality while gaining a skill set to become even more. There is nothing to fix! You are perfect and I want you to learn to embrace this too!

Hello, I am Tina. As an Interfaith Minister I am trained to hold an all inclusive and highly confidential loving space for you to witness and experience your true nature. I meet you where you are at and walk with you however far you welcome. It is always my goal to empower you to know what steps to take next so you can make forward movement after our calls. I work long distance over the phone / zoom with people from around the world.

HOW DOES TINA WORK – After spending many years in utter chaos and inner turmoil which included divorce, career burnout, illness and financial loss – I was gifted the ability to create powerful frequencies through singing to help myself heal on all levels. I created The Acoustic Fulfillment method that gives a simple and powerful framework to guide oneself through the inner world and various questions of daily life. It is a combination of meditation, sound healing, breath-work, inner visualization, and deep intuitive listening.

RESULTS OF WORKING WITH TINA – The results are felt on all levels – mind, body, emotions, and spirit / energy. Just depends where you are at in life and what you are working on as to what you experience. Everyone has their process and pace – that is honored.


Noticeably increased confidence – you aren’t hiding anymore and feel a balance of pride and confidence – you live inspired action!

Money is LOVE to you and it flows to you with ease. You are building a life of Trust and LOVE and your expanding your faith is a breeze.

You are opening up to receive the abundance and limitless mental state you crave! You are the co-creator you desire to be.

A strong conviction to care for yourself and set inspiring boundaries rather than saying Yes when you mean No…

You feel whole and complete within yourself and radiate light just by living day to day life! You aren’t seeking someone or something to fill up your time or space – you are more than enough.

Your voice feels free and open – you express yourself with ease and experience a relaxed sensation of receptivity in the present moment rather than being on guard.

You embrace yourself no matter your mood and can allow yourself to feel all the feelings you experience in a day. You can even cry if you are alone.

MY BACKGROUND – I am an Interfaith Minister, past Science Researcher in Aquaculture, Science Educator, Public Speaker, Author, Sound Healer and Energy Worker – a lover of nature, dancing and anything outdoors!


Communicating from Chaos to LOVE (youtube it)

GET TO KNOW ME – I offer a complimentary call for you to get to know my work and see if we are a good fit to build a powerful healing team. Feel free to reach out. I offer the utmost confidentiality and care.

My heart goes out to you if you are struggling in anyway. I spent 20 years digging inward to heal. I would never have made it without my Spiritual Mentor. I know you are amazing and ready to invest in you!

Much Love to You,

Tina FireWolf

Julianne Gilchrist
Christianity, Spiritual but Not Religious
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Education, Enneagram, Group Spiritual Direction, Women's Issues, Young Adults
I believe God shows up in the midst of the ordinary stuff of daily life. My role as a director is to listen with you to where or how God might be showing up in your life, to journey with you as you reflect on and process God's presence (or the feeling of God's absence), and to hold space with you as you consider how you might respond. I love directing anyone who wants to do the inner work of listening to self and God. I have a particular interest in journeying with those in ministry. Pastors, chaplains, and other ministry leaders often don't have space to honestly process their own faith stories. Spiritual direction offers such a space. I lead online direction groups for those in ministry, as well as workshops and retreats. Wherever you are in your faith story (whether you are deconstructing, flourishing, longing for something more, or simply wanting to pay closer attention to God's voice in your life), I'd love to journey with you.
Jerome Daley
Interfaith, Spiritual but Not Religious
Spiritual Director, Retreat Center, Life Coach, Formation/Training School
Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Enneagram, Group Spiritual Direction, Men's Issues, Mindfulness/Meditation
Jerome has been serving Christian leaders as an executive coach and spiritual director since 2005. Prior to that, he served on pastoral staff in Chapel Hill, NC for 10 years. Trained at Columbia International University, The Institute for Life Coach Training, The Center for Coaching Excellence, The Second Breath Center, The Transforming Center, and The Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction, Jerome is an avid book writer and Professional Certified Coach, offering formational teaching, leadership coaching, spiritual direction, retreat & sabbatical coaching, pre-marital coaching, and Enneagram typing. He loves reading, writing, good wine, and all things outdoors. You can see his books at “I love to help men and women come to know themselves, deepen their intimacy with God, and become the truest version of themselves so they can extend a healing influence in the world. I have a particular passion to support leaders on sabbatical, those seeking the transformative perspectives of Enneagram typing, and those working through faith deconstruction & reconstruction.”

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The information in Find a Spiritual Companion is supplied solely by the providers themselves and is not checked, verified or warranted by SDI. Members that join SDI pay specified annual membership dues. They are listed in this guide as part of their membership benefits. Any and all SDI members who request to be listed are included. As a general rule, no one is excluded. SDI does not provide training, certification, or credentials for spiritual directors, chaplains or life coaches. SDI does not pre-screen or evaluate members before they are put on the list. SDI DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE ANY OF THE LISTED MEMBERS. By accessing and using this list, I accept responsibility for interviewing and selecting a suitable spiritual companion.

By accessing this list of resources, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT SDI IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS, OMISSIONS, OR SERVICES OF ANY OF THE MEMBERS LISTED OR FOR ANY OTHER ACTIONS TAKEN BASED UPON THE INFORMATION FURNISHED BY SDI. By accessing this list, I understand and agree to only use the information for finding a spiritual director, chaplain, life coach, training program or retreat center. I agree not to use the list for any other type of solicitation. I also understand and agree not to reproduce, display, or distribute Find a Spiritual Companion or the information listed therein.

Find a Spiritual Companion



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