SDI Conference 2023 Workshop Proposal

Workshop Proposals due 11:59 PM PDT, August 15 2022.

Thank you for your interest in facilitating a Workshop at the SDI 2023 Conference. Competition is likely to be much stronger than in prior years, and we simply won’t have workshop slots for everyone who makes a proposal. If you do decide to apply, we suggest you discern how to best to deliver educational and experiential value to participants.

The workshop discernment team is looking for explicit connections to spiritual Companionship (coaching, direction, etc.) in the workshop offerings.

Contemplation and embodied experience are encouraged to be at the center of your proposal. Many conference attendees are hungry to witness or actually participate in spiritual companionship in workshop settings. Think of spiritual practices and activities that will engage and expand those participating in your workshop.

Think of an innovative workshop format that will help participants examine their own limitations and potentials as they seek their own answers.
If participants will learn new techniques or strategies in your proposed workshop, imagine ways that they may try them out during the session.

We strongly recommend you write your application in a Word doc or other word processing program and save it. Then, copy and paste your responses in the web application below.

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Presenter Information

Why do we ask this? We’re adding a field for preferred pronouns to help create a more inclusive space at our conference, one that facilitates people being referred to respectfully and gives us all the opportunity to talk to people about pronouns and the importance of not making assumptions about people’s identities.
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