Josephine Robertson


State: WA

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Judaism, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent, Wicca/Neopaganism

Affinity Groups:


Email: [email protected]



Focus Area: Creative Arts, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Enneagram, European Cultures, LGBTQIA+, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Women's Issues

Social Media:

Profile: Jo is a poet, photographer, priest, spiritual companion/director, and breathwork guide. She leads individuals, small groups, and communities into deeper relationship with themselves, this precious world, and the Divine that binds us together. Josephine's greatest joy is to help others find their own spiritual center, the ground of their being where they encounter the Divine, and where their unique calling in the world can be found and nurtured. She brings an innate sense of the sacredness of daily life, deep listening, and curiosity to her encounters with those she serves. Her spirituality is rooted in the natural world, from her ancestral lands in the Scottish Highlands to liminal place she now calls home, the Pacific Northwest, nestled between the rugged Cascades and the misty Salish Sea. She shares her life with her partner Tim, her equine dance partner, two spoiled dogs, and the cat who is in charge of them all.

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