Jeffrey Keefer, PhD

City: New York City

State: NY

Languages: English, French

Personalized Affiliation: Eco/Nature-based

Spiritual Spheres: Eco/Nature-based, Interspiritual, Native/Indigenous, Shinto, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent, Unitarian Universalist, Wicca/Neopaganism

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion, Life Coach

Email: [email protected]

Phone: I use Zoom globally for all my appointments


Focus Area: Corporate/Workplace, Creative Arts, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, European Cultures, Group Spiritual Direction, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Young Adults

Social Media:

Profile: Jeffrey serves as a spiritual director, having trained in Cherry Hill Seminary‘s Spiritual Direction Certificate Program, to people who embrace many traditions along with those developing their own ways outside formal religious structures. Jeffrey focuses on those who practice Ecospirituality or Nature-Based Spiritual Paths, Modern Paganism (in all its many forms!), adherents of New Monasticism, and those who are Spiritual but not Religious. Having completed his first graduate degree in systematic Catholic theology, he brings a deep understanding of structured religion, and how individuals personally engage with or reject it, to his work.

Professionally, Jeffrey is an educational consultant and coach, working in higher education as an institutional researcher and professor of research methodology while also serving in nonprofit organizations through capacity building, strategic planning, learning design, project management, and program development.

Jeffrey holds a Ph.D. in Educational Research (E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University, U.K.); graduate degrees in Adult and Organizational Learning (M.Ed., Columbia University), Business Education (M.A., New York University), English and American Literature (M.A., Hunter College), and Religious Studies (M.A., Institute of Religious Studies); and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (B.A., St. John’s University). In his free time, Jeffrey edits Wikipedia articles, volunteers with the global Wikimedia Movement community, writes poetry, engages in ongoing research within open education and liminality in learning experiences, reads across science fiction / fantasy / post-structuralism / actor-network theory, and is planning for an upcoming pilgrimage walk along the Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle (French route of the Camino de Santiago).

Jeffrey offers a free 30-minute Spiritual Direction Exploratory Chat via Zoom if this resonates with you and you want to discuss spirituality and spiritual direction:

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