Danielle B. Henson SD


State: IL

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 224-856-7614

Website: https://theconversationpeace.info/about/

Focus Area: Corporate/Workplace, Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Energy Work, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing

Social Media:


I am a Certified Spiritual Director, offering a comfortable secure virtual space to share spiritual inquiry, creative focusing and resource exploration for your unique journey. Whether you are well-versed in Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Companioning, or are just discovering us, I am glad you found me, SDI, and the resources and opportunities available to you.


My Process:

As a trained and present listener, I accompany you on the path for a time as you explore an inner spiritual journey or mystical inquiry. Through deep listening, focusing and/or creativity; we will lean forward and connect for inner direction together. I share my thoughtful attention to offer you a place to pause and give voice to questions that help access your innate wisdom. Our monthly virtual time will give your spirit a safe and organizing opportunity to reflect on what is deeply important to you on your unique soul journey.

I welcome conversation and relationship-building in Spiritual Direction and Companioning with you, or a shorter-term commitment supporting your exploration of resources and other offerings in the world of spiritual development. However long or short we weave a spiritual thread in conversation together, I look forward to meeting with you and adding to the colorful tapestry of your spiritual life…

I Value:

Religious & non-religious paths

Your unique path & inner voice

Ethical & privacy standards in Spiritual Direction

Continual skill development

Practical application of spiritual tools & wisdom

Science, psychology & spirituality

Creativity, dreams, & intuition

Tried & new methods of Spiritual Direction

I Offer Empathy, Strength, Skills & Experience:

Sacred Journey Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certification 2018

Meditation Instructor-secular & spiritual 2007-present

A Search for God Group study co-facilitator 1999-2022

A Course In Miracles study co-facilitator 2006-2016

Astrology (Jungian & Evolutionary) & dreams 1990-present

Antiracism & social justice advocacy 2000-present

ACEs, Trauma-Informed, CIT & Restorative Practice 2010-2020

Community Collaborator 1999-present

International Cities of Peace Advisor & Facilitator 2012-present

Life & leadership-resilience, faith & innovation

My Practice Best Serves:

Adult seekers on the path of self discovery or expanded search for God

Seekers of inner & outer resources for personal & spiritual development

The creative, the wounded-healers & lovers of spiritual inquiry

Those complimenting formal psychotherapy healing with spiritual inquiry

Spiritual Warriors seeking inner wisdom for peace-building & social justice change

Those traversing challenges along the spiritual path

Those integrating their path with esoteric study, philosophy, science, psychology, community responsibility to peace & justice, healing work, meditation, mystical experience, or the very personal language of dreams

Client note to you:

"I was extraordinarily fortunate, and blessed, to have Danielle as my Spiritual Director. She came into my life just when I needed her gentle and wise guidance, and our meetings were truly life-changing. Danielle is a wise and patient adviser, and works gently through questioning and reflection to help you find your own interior star. No question that I asked went unanswered, often happening outside of our face-to-face meetings–this is the wonder of Danielle's gentle direction. You'll take much more of yourself away than you came with at the outset. She has pointed me to my inner guide, and my life has been blessed beyond measure with her counsel. Danielle B. Henson is a Spiritual Director that anyone looking for a deeper, more spiritual path would be privileged to engage. " -Kim Z.

Interested in exploring more? Start a Conversation…

Book a free 30-minute Spiritual Direction intro Virtual Coffee: https://theconversationpeace.info/about/

Find me on Facebook & Twitter: @thepeacetalk

While you are here, please explore all that SDI has to offer & I invite you to The Conversation Peace Thought-Leader Collective to Listen. Share. Transform….

I wish you strength, beauty & peace on the path that unfolds before you….


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