Beth G. Raps, PhD

City: Eagle Rock

State: VA

Languages: English, French

Personalized Affiliation: Interspiritual

Spiritual Spheres: Buddhism, Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Hinduism, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Islam, Judaism, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent, Taoism, Wicca/Neopaganism

Category: Spiritual Companion, Life Coach

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (304) 410-2612


Focus Area: BIPOC, Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Energy Work, European Cultures, LGBTQIA+, Middle Eastern Cultures, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Psychic Phenomena, Women's Issues

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook


I'm grateful to have collaborated with SDI in two offerings you'll find right on this website:

SDI Blog post, "Follow Your Calling, the Divine Curriculum at Work":

SDI Webinar: "Follow Your Calling Without Quitting Your Job":

My approach in a nutshell is helping you hear your own guidance more clearly and apply it. This of course sounds simpler than it is.

Where obstacles arise, they are usually one of four things: money, time, focus, or mindset.

Money: I am a professional money coach, certified by the founder of The Money Coaching Institute. Money coaching is depth work, helping you heal your relationship with money using archetype, story, cultural and ancestral exploration, as well as helping you find the money you need to do the things you want to do.

Time: I am a time-sculptor, and help many people master their time with simple, profound practices of my own design. We often think we need more money when what we really need is more time. I can help you attain sovereignty in either or both.

Focus: Mastery of both time and money depend on our willingness and ability to focus. I help you heal focus through several practices of my design as well as traditional mindfulness practices. Upon learning these simple, skillful methods, you own them and will have learned not only how but when to apply them.

Mindset: Last but most profoundly, I help heal mindset. Our minds are infinitely capable and resourceful although trauma, cultural messages, and outmoded patterns can make it seem otherwise. I help you identify the helpful and unhelpful residents of your mind with clarity, generosity, and detachment and find that through use of practices I teach, the unhelpful residents heal and the helpful residents grow stronger.

My free offerings include:

*Facebook Group: Claim Calling Confidently:

*Blog posts on mastering your time, money, focus, and mindset:

*A 45-minute recorded masterclass teaching you five key aspects of my practical-contemplative pathway to follow your calling no matter what else you have going on, and no matter how long you've been stuck in unfulfilling work:

*A weekly email reminding you to follow your calling: receive this by registering for the masterclass above. You can watch or not watch the webinar; you will still be signed up for this email.

*A free 45-minute meeting with me so that I can learn about your calling and offer help if I feel my approach will work for you:

My paid offerings include:

*An integrative six-module course giving you my best wisdom, strategies, practices, and tools about how to follow your calling based on healing your intuitive listening, time, money, focus and mindset mastery, no matter how busy you are or how long you've been stuck in an unfulfilling job:

*Coaching sessions (for individuals) or consulting (for nonprofit organizations):

*Online courses: this page of my website is in development. Email me for more information: [email protected]

Another part of my work is a program helping white people (like me) talk productively about race across political differences. Please contact me for more information about this work.

RAISING CLARITY Facebook Profile:

Beth Raps LinkedIn Profile:

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