Br. John Michael Longworth, OEF

City: Rutland

State: VT

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Buddhism, Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 802-391-9516


Focus Area: Addiction, Alcoholism, Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, Immigrants/Displaced, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Physical or Sexual Abuse

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Profile: I am a life professed Ecumenical Franciscan with connections to Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal spirituality. I have been an ordained Christian clergy-person since 2007 and I have been in intentional community since 2010. I have been trained in the art of Spiritual Direction by the Daughters of Wisdom and through a Spiritual Accompaniment Practicum at Still Harbor in Boston, MA. I was a chaplain for college students at a university in Massachusetts, and I was the lead street chaplain in my community offering care in neighborhoods, encampments, and public social spaces for 6 years.

I currently serve as a housing advocate and grant writer for Vermont's largest organization accompanying people through homelessness. I served as the Coordinator of Formation Ministry for the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans from 2016-2022, and I continue to accompany individuals through formation for community life. As a Franciscan, I feel most called to accompany and serve alongside people living at the margins, celebrating their inherent dignity and worth.

I am a Queer, Non-binary, and Aro/Ace Christian and theologian. My spiritual care is rooted in the joyful self discovery of others and I enjoy working with individuals who are coming to deeper understandings of themselves, their relationships, and the family and community structures they are creating in response to those new understandings. Queer spirituality and a celebration of the non-binary complexity of the Holy and the Divine are key parts of my practice.

The core of my direction work is centered in four areas:
1. Vocational Discernment & Spiritual Formation
2. Healing & Grief work related to Spiritual Trauma & Abuse, especially for LGBTQIA+ individuals and families
3. Discernment around healthy relationships, boundaries, and spiritual self care.
4. Grief & Loss

I'd love to meet you and have a chance to hear your story and to bear witness to what is unfolding in your life. Please reach out to schedule an initial consultation and we can see if Spirit intends for us to be companions on the journey for a season.

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