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If you have an idea for a group that doesn’t already exist in our SDI Public Square community, please fill out this form to request that it be created on your behalf.

When you request a new group, we will assign you to be the moderator unless you specify below that you do not wish to moderate the group. The duties associated with this role include approving and denying membership requests, and ensuring the group members are all adhering to our SDI Public Square Community Guidelines.

The SDI Public Square is a community for SDI members only. This means that conversations will not be visible to anyone who is not an active SDI member who is logged into the site. The group privacy settings are a more granular way to control who has access to these groups. Private groups appear in the group listing and search results, whereas hidden groups do not. Choose “Private” for groups you want all SDI members to be able to join, and “Hidden” for groups with highly sensitive topics where a member’s privacy is of extra concern.

Before filling out this form, please complete the following steps:

  • Read the SDI Public Square Community Guidelines carefully!
  • Double check the Groups listing to ensure a group with a similar theme doesn’t already exist. New groups with themes too similar to existing groups may not be considered.

Thank you for helping to create a vibrant and invigorating community!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Your Name
The short name that will appear in search and in the groups listing.
A broader description of the group with additional information.
Private groups appear in group listings and search results, and are available to all SDI members. Hidden groups are by invite only and are not listed anywhere, and do not appear in search results. (Hidden groups are best used for highly sensitive topics where a member's privacy must be protected.)
Moderators are in charge of approving or denying membership requests and assuring that their group members adhere to our Community Guidelines.
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