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Presence Journal – Every Issue. Every Article. Available On Demand. One (1) Year Subscription.

Presence Journal – Every Issue. Every Article. Available On Demand. One (1) Year Subscription.
The Presence Journal is SDI’s flagship publication. Since January 1995, this international journal of spiritual direction and companionship has published some of the most profound voices and leaders of our vocation.
The practical wisdom of more than 25 years of Presence is now at your fingertips — fully searchable, any time you need it. 
The Presence Archive offers unmatched value as a resource for:
  • All spiritual directors and companions who want to have an immediate library of wise counsel and practical ideas for pursuing their calling. (Imagine being able to consult it after a challenging companionship session!)
  • People training to be a spiritual director or spiritual companion
  • People who teach in training programs
  • Anyone who is interested in spiritual companionship, including those who are companioned
Imagine the Archive as your own companion while you offer deep listening care. Think of the annual fee as an investment in your calling. It may even lower your taxes if you claim it as a business expense.
The Presence Archive brings you a quarter century of the best thinking about spiritual direction and companionship.
*NOTE: The Presence Digital Archive is a digital tool, and your annual subscription grants you the right to access any Presence issue through the Archive application, as long as your subscription is active. The Presence Digital Archive can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, to control the content and intellectual property, there is no print functionality or any ability to save content outside of the Archive application. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to not distribute or share any content contained within the Presence Digital Archive, including individual articles, without prior authorization.

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  1. Laura Baber (verified owner)

    I purchased a subscription just as soon as it was possible. I love the treasure trove of articles to tap into and have recommended it to other spiritual directors as totally worth the expense. One thing that is a challenge is that I cannot print out the articles or easily copy and paste from articles. I suppose I was hoping it would be more like Kindle. Are there plans for making this more user friendly in the future. I would love to be able to share from the resources more easily with students and directees. Thanks so much, Laura Baber

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