Midwife to a Movement – Legacy of Sister Mary Ann Scofield

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Learn about one of the most impactful spiritual directors of the 20th Century. This webinar focuses on Sister Mary Ann Scofield, co-founder of SDI and a pioneer in spiritual direction training. Presented by 4 people who knew Sister Mary Ann. Designed for spiritual directors/companions and anyone interested in the art of deep listening. Reduced price. All proceeds to Diversity Scholarship Fund.

Mary Ann Scofield, RSM, was a true pioneer of spiritual direction training. She co-founded Spiritual Directors International 30 years ago and perhaps more than anyone else served as a midwife to the birth of our movement. Former SDI Council member Sandra Lomasson wrote that “one of her [Mary Ann’s] many gifts as a spiritual director was a developed capacity to see with the eyes of God what was not yet evident to the person with whom she sat.” She helped people around the world from South Korea to Lithuania to understand how to be a good spiritual companion. And she always taught with a deep respect for the agency of the other. For her, spiritual companionship was “keeping company with gratitude.” To those she sat with and those she trained, she was kind and wise, with deep integrity and a lively sense of humor.

This webinar is dedicated to telling her story. Please join us as we celebrate the life of someone who changed the course of spiritual companionship.

All income from the webinar will go to our Diversity Scholarship Fund which helps those with financial need to pursue advanced training in spiritual companionship.

Sister Mary Ann devoted much of her life to training spiritual directors, so we would like to invite everyone who is able to join us for this webinar. It’s not just a chance to gain new insights into spiritual direction while learning about one of our pioneers. This is a chance to support the cause that Sister Mary Ann loved so dearly, a chance to open up our calling to anyone, anywhere who is motivated to serve through the art of deep listening.

For those who are so inspired and have the means, donations above $19 are welcomed.

Course Description

With the help of four spiritual companions who knew and worked with Sister Mary Ann Scofield, this webinar will offer insights and stories about her life and her approach to spiritual direction, quotes from her and video clips of her sharing her wisdom and her humor. It’s a rare chance to glean inspiration from one of the people who led the way so that spiritual companionship could be made available to anyone, anywhere.

Those who view the webinar will:

  • Gain insight into one of the true pioneers of spiritual direction formation training
  • Hear from spiritual companions who knew Sister Mary Ann Scofield and can honor her legacy with personal stories and insights
  • Expand their sense of what makes a good spiritual companion and what provides fruitful training in spiritual direction through exposure to Sister Mary Ann’s approach
  • Listen to how spiritual companionship can create community as evidenced by Sister Mary Ann’s efforts
  • In addition, an inspiriting Presence article written by Sister Mary Ann will be made available to all registrants

Date & Time

The webinar runs 75 minutes. It is designed for spiritual directors and companions – as well as chaplains and other spiritual guides. But it will offer food for spiritual growth to anyone seeking a richer, more conscious life. We welcome all traditions and those who companion from no tradition. And please note, students who are training in listening-based spiritual care are also invited.

Webinar Presenters

Lucy Abbott Tucker is one of the founding members of Spiritual Directors International’s first Coordinating Council, along with Sister Mary Ann. She led the task force to write and establish SDI’s official Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for all spiritual directors, regardless of culture or tradition. She also co-chaired the SDI task force that developed our Portrait of a Spiritual Director and 5 Principles for Spiritual Direction Training Programs. Lucy has worked in adult formation and the preparation of people for the ministry of spiritual direction for 35 years. With an initial background in mathematics and education in 1983, she studied at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership and Catholic Theological Union, Chicago where she obtained a Masters Degree in Theology. She worked for many years at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago and recently served as President of the Board of Directors for that organization. In addition, Lucy has been involved in retreats and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada, including her very popular SDI 5-day training workshops in spiritual direction supervision. Watch her wisdom in action in this SDI Learns video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU3SOEzZf1M .

Mary Waskowiak, RSM, is part of the Mercy Center community in Burlingame, California, the same place where Sister Mary Ann lived and worked. She works in leadership development and spirituality services. She enjoys locating these disciplines at the “intersection” of formation in life and Spirit and at the “intersection” of coaching and spiritual direction. Mary’s background includes sixteen years in elected leadership with the Sisters of Mercy. During that time she also served a three-year term in the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  She has visited more than 25 countries and served as presenter and facilitator in 12 countries. Mary speaks English and Spanish.

Brother Jack H. Mostyn, CFC, as a teenager, turned down 15 athletic scholarships in order to join the Congregation of Christian Brothers. He spent many years as a coach and teacher before focusing on spiritual direction as a ministry and helping to develop several training programs. Before the founding of SDI, he served on a national committee with Sister Mary Ann to research the need for a nonprofit to serve the needs of spiritual directors. In the early years of SDI, he took a leadership role as chair of the Coordinating Council to expand membership and support the growth of training programs.

Joyce McFarland is a spiritual companion and has served as a board member of Collegeville Ecumenical Institute and is a co-founder of the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota. She also served as a board member at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and is actively involved in the George Institute. With a Master’s Degree in Theology, Joyce  has been deeply involved in Parker Palmer’s Courage and Renewal Program. She was a directee of Sister Mary Ann and participated in her supervision training at Mercy Center. She also facilitated a retreat by Sister Mary Ann at the House of Prayer. She says her experience with Sister Mary Ann “changed the course of my life.”

Additional Information

This is a single session webinar which runs 75 minutes.

Who may view the webinar?

Everyone is invited to view the SDI Webinar.  Registration is required to participate.

Donations are welcomed to the SDI Diversity Scholarship Fund at the time of registration or after the conclusion of the webinar. As Sister Mary Ann devoted much of her life to training spiritual directors, we feel it would be appropriate for those with the means to support programs that allow those in financial need to get access to training in spiritual companionship.

Donation Diversity Scholarship Fund

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