24/7 Discernment: A 28-day Online Retreat with Diane Millis and Bussho Lahn

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What is Life Asking Of Us?

Diane Millis, Ph.D.


Rev. Busshõ Lahn


Join Diane Millis and Bussho Lahn for a 28-day online retreat exploring approaches for attuning to our innermost wisdom—a wisdom that arises naturally from our hearts when they’re allowed to be felt and heard.

When we encounter a fork in the road and need to decide which path to take, we practice discernment. Discernment applies to the big decisions in our lives, but equally to our everyday way of being.

Cultivating a discerning heart invites us to increase our capacity to honor and hold paradox. We wrestle, just as Jacob did, with angels for a blessing. We watch Jesus gather at the homes of tax collectors and overturn the tables of money changers. We wonder as we meet Buddha on the road when to bow and when to ignore him.

We continue to wrestle, watch, and wonder about what life is asking of us in the midst of the uncertainty, loss and loneliness we are experiencing in our world.

While we may look to the 24/7 news cycle for information to guide us, how might we learn to practice 24/7 discernment by connecting with a deeper, more expansive awareness?

This unique retreat is designed for all those who aspire to deepen their personal discernment as well as our collective discernment around what love might look like in times that strain us all. Together, we will gather to refresh and renew ourselves at the ever-present spring of love within.

What to Expect


February 1-5, 2021 (Weekly Zoom February 2, 9-11am PST)

“Meeting this Moment:” Discovering both the depths of our aspiration and our relationship with discernment.

February 8-12, 2021 (Weekly Zoom February 9, 9-11am PST)

“Eyes to See:” Recognizing the Divine Magnet of love, and seeing what draws us to truth.

February 15-19, 2021 (Weekly Zoom February 16, 9-11am PST)

“Ears to Hear:” Knowing what is happening when God is quiet, and we are still.

February 22-26, 2021 (Weekly Zoom February 23, 9-11am PST)

“Strong backs, Soft Fronts” Tending, befriending, and consoling self and other in times of suffering.


Diane Millis, Ph.D.

Diane Millis is an educator, author, and spiritual director. Her most recent book, Re-Creating a Life, invites readers to discern how to tell their most life-giving story. She currently teaches at United Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN (USA). She served as host and producer of Lives Explored for the Collegeville Institute, an educational video series that invited guests to share their stories of discernment and calling.

Rev. Busshõ Lahn

Bussho Lahn is a fully ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priest and spiritual director. He teaches and leads retreats at the Episcopal House of Prayer, the Minnesota Zen Center, and Aslan Institute (USA). Bussho’s teachings focus on contemplative spirituality, 12-Step work, interfaith dialogue, and the marriage of spirituality with both Western and Buddhist psychology.

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