Hospitality: The Heart of Spiritual Direction by Leslie A. Hay

In this latest addition to the Spiritual Directors International Series, professional spiritual directors and those in formation programs learn to extend traditional forms of hospitality by living out its deeper meaning as they explore ways in which the spirit of hospitality enriches the spiritual direction experience.


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“Leslie Hay’s Hospitality is a deceptively easy read as she deftly weaves together her own experience of prayer, the wisdom of St. Benedict, and down-to-earth counsel about the practice of this too-often misunderstood ministry. This is a helpful book for experienced directors, beginners, and seekers.”

Margaret Guenther, author of Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction
and At Home in the World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us

“Drawing from the Rule of St. Benedict, a variety of scriptural and theological resources and from her own experience, Leslie Hay invites spiritual directors to reflect on hospitality as the essence of that ministry. This book offers food for reflection and prayer, and invites the reader to enter as a guest.”

Mary C. Earle, author of Broken Body, Healing Spirit

“This thorough work includes numerous notes and an extensive bibliography. It offers a Christian perspective that readies all denominations to welcome God, others, and every aspect of self.”

Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction

“The concept of hospitality is given practical and specific application for spiritual directors with questions focusing on acceptance, providing space for ‘tending the holy’, and remaining free of judgment, prejudice, and expectation. Recommended for spiritual directors, pastors, and any whose call includes the guiding of others in their faith journeys.”

The Church and Synagogue Library Association,
January 2008


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