The Divine Heart:

Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love

by Colette Lafia

Reviewed by Greg Richardson

In The Divine Heart, Colette Lafia describes seven ways we can discover how to live again in God’s love. She draws questions and insights from her own experiences and reflection, and she shares lessons from everyday moments like seeing a seagull, riding a city bus, and sitting on her bed. These moments unfurl like the petals of a rose to reveal our loving relationship to God. She encourages us to begin keeping a spiritual journal. Each of Lafia’s seven ways is an invitation to explore, discover, and learn to love. Her seven ways into divine love are receptivity, delight, expansiveness, acceptance, vulnerability, mystery, and gratitude.

The Divine Heart: Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love

by Colette Lafia

Rhinebeck, NY:

Monkfish Book Publishing, 2021

160 pages

CAD $17.69

GBP £11.99

USD $13.29

This Review Appears In


Vol. 28 | No. 1 | MARCH – 2022


Greg Richardson

is a spiritual director in Pasadena, California, USA. He is a lay oblate with New Camaldoli Hermitage near Big Sur, California. Greg’s website is, his e-mail address is [email protected], and he writes a blog for the Contemplative channel on


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