Volume 26, Number 2
June 2020

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"Drops of Red" — Erika Merz

“As I see it, our job as spiritual companions is twofold, and the two halves are intertwined. On the one hand, we help the person see that their suffering is personal, individual, and genuine—that a shattering has indeed been experienced, whether in body, soul, or both. The individual suffering needs to be held with exquisite care, love, and spaciousness. On the other hand, though, I believe that it is our task to slowly and gently invoke the idea that it is a suffering that is shared by many others around the world.”


Victoria Londergan

To begin, I want to offer the context in which I share my experience as a spiritual director and clinically trained chaplain. Of course, it would be most insightful if I shared my own spiritual journey with you, but alas, that would be a story too lengthy to tell. Instead, I will trust that you will identify for yourself how my journey forms me and draws me forward. Let me state clearly at the start that I am inspired to write not so much because I am a talented writer but because I am nearly overflowing with all I have to say.

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Margaret Shu-Fen Chang


People are on the path of relating awareness of emotion and cognitive patterns in their mind, then understanding the direction in which God is leading, and finally making an election or a decision in their life to move towards God.


Jodi Cohen

Antoinette Voûte Roeder

Sanford Drob

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Nick Wagner

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by Mark Nepo 
(Reviewed by Teresa Di Biase)

by Ryan Holiday
(Reviewed by Kathryn Madden, rc)

Edited by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo
(Reviewed by Monique CM Keffer, MA)

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