Advertise in Presence

Presence offers you a wide market for advertising.

Presence is international in scope and outreach. Currently, Presence is read by more than 7,000 subscribers and can be found in major theological libraries, retreat centers, and formation and training programs around the world.

Presence is a highly respected, peer-reviewed journal that is published four times per year—March, June, September, and December. Each issue features articles on spiritual direction; training, mentoring, and supervision; contexts and cultures; and professional considerations.

Who reads Presence?

Presence attracts a variety of readers from all over the world and also has a growing institutional base.

Its readers include:

  • Spiritual directors
  • People involved in formation and training of spiritual directors
  • Pastoral counselors
  • Health care providers, chaplains, and campus ministers.
  • Lay, ordained, and religious
  • Professionals in related fields

Its institutional base includes:

  • Retreat centers and houses
  • Spiritual life centers
  • Seminaries and rabbinical colleges, colleges, and universities
  • Dioceses and other ecclesiastical institutions

What might be good to advertise?

Educational Opportunities:

  • Degree programs in ministry, spirituality, and spiritual direction
  • Internships for spiritual directors and supervisors
  • Workshops on supervision, MBTI, Enneagram, focusing and bio-spirituality, dreamwork, 12-step methodologies, working with abuse, and dysfunction
  • Courses on spirituality, theology, adult development, scripture, prayer, contemplation

Ongoing Development:

  • Professional days, days of prayer, and reflection
  • Retreats and sabbaticals

Books and literature that focus on:

  • Spiritual direction
  • Formation, training, mentoring, and supervision
  • Spiritual growth and related issues
  • Relationship with God
  • Various aspects of your religious tradition
  • Inspirational reading

Rates and Sizes

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