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Pamela Ayo Yetunde, Center of the Heart, Audre: Spiritual Care for Women with Cancer
Buddhism, Christianity, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Chaplain
BIPOC, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Health Care, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Women's Issues
Greetings! Here's a bit of history about me. I began working as a spiritual companion when I was a volunteer with Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. Thereafter, I sought education from Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, a certificate in spiritual direction from Mercy Center, a M.A. in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University, then a Th.D. in Pastoral Counseling from Columbia Theological Seminary, all between 2003 and 2016. My post-doctoral work was completed at Harvard Divinity School. Sounds heady, right? Believe me when I say, this all comes in handy when I'm teaching! But I'm not always teaching. While in the act of companioning, I find that the supervised training in chaplaincy, spiritual direction, and pastoral counseling — about five years of presenting cases and receiving feedback — have been greatly beneficial. In addition to study and supervision, I've done some research on pastoral care. My research has resulted in some articles and books. One book is "Object Relations, Buddhism, and Relationality in Womanist Practical Theology" and the other book is "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, U.S. Law, and Womanist Theology for Transgender Spiritual Care." My research and writing has practical implications, including the research I did on Women, Spirituality, and Cancer. Taking education, supervised training, research and writing all together, I am now co-founder of Center of the Heart and founder of Audre: Spiritual Care for Women with Cancer. I'm delighted to count Diane Millis and John Lee as my spiritual direction colleagues, and proud to serve with several chaplains, an artist, tai chi teacher, and yoga teacher in Audre.
Kevin Andrew Kelly, SJ
English, French
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center
Addiction, Alcoholism, Children/Teens, Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Health Care, Homeless/Low Income, Immigrants/Displaced, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, People with Disabilities, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Young Adults
Holy Listening
Christianity, Quaker, Spiritual but Not Religious
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center
Codependency, Creative Arts, Education, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, Men's Issues, Native/Indigenous Cultures, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Women's Issues
Holy Listening is an online Spiritual Direction ministry. We have Spiritual Directors in Oregon, California, and Panama. We provide a listening presence and spiritual direction via phone, Zoom Skype as well as group spiritual direction and creative expression through art. Our Spiritual Directors have experience in a wide variety of issues including healing from all forms of abuse, church-related wounds or concerns, and disciple-making and spiritual growth. We walk with you on your spiritual journey as compassionate guides along the way. For more about our Spiritual Directors, please go to
ARC Retreat Community
Interfaith, Interspiritual
Retreat Center
Vision ARC Retreat Community (ARC) envisions a transformed world in which all people embrace and cultivate the spiritual nature of life through healthy, loving relationships with self, others, planet earth, and the Divine. Mission The mission of ARC is to serve individuals and groups seeking time apart for rest and spiritual renewal. ARC embraces people in their full diversity: including all faith traditions and spiritual beliefs. Founded in the spirit of Christian ecumenism, ARC is an interspiritual retreat community. It is nurtured on sacred land, promoting environmental sustainability, and exemplifying a just and inclusive world where every voice is valued and respected. History ARC Retreat Community was born almost 50 years ago from a visionary action that was ahead of its time. In 1972 founder Ruth Halvorson honored her spiritual vision. With the help and support of her family and many individuals, together they developed an organization that has enabled thousands of people to find rest and spiritual renewal through radical hospitality. ARC has been guided and sustained by many surprising happenings that have been described as “God events,” ARC continues to be a place for visioning so that the journey inward – nurturing one’s spirit – inspires the journey outward – nourishing the world in the quest for harmony, peace, and justice. The ARC land is located within the traditional homelands of the Anishinaabe and the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ peoples. Over thirty years ago, sweat lodges were developed by indigenous people on ARC and continue to this day. ARC offers this land acknowledgement in order to affirm indigenous sovereignty, history, and experiences and is honored to be in contemporary relationships with indigenous communities. ARC’s Symbol: The White Pine, Tree of Peace White Pines are deeply rooted in the sacred ground that is ARC. To the Anishinaabe, original caretakers of this land, pine trees represent wisdom and harmony with nature. The White Pine symbol enables us to visualize ARC’s groundedness in its history, while its branches and needles demonstrate the expansiveness and vitality that is available to all who come to ARC. The spiritual significance of trees has been important in many human cultures. To the Iroquois people, the white pine symbolized the Great Peace that united their separate nations. The “tree of life” that connects all forms of creation is deeply rooted in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures, and it was under the Bodhi tree that Buddha achieved enlightenment. Many people who come to ARC comment on the sacred presence they feel as they walk through the white pines on the land. The ARC Way: Action, Reflection, Celebration The trunks of many trees grow in spirals, as do the needles of the White Pine. ARC (Action, Reflection, Celebration) can also be understood in these spirals. Actions radiate our present understanding of Divine presence. Reflections draw us back into ever deeper understandings of that presence. And the life we live in and through this process, whatever its challenges or rewards, becomes our authentic Celebration of the Divine in human life. The Journey Inward (Reflection) The practice of ARC is to welcome everyone, offer hospitality, and provide a safe, quiet place apart for rest, solitude, and renewal. ARC’s rural, 91-acres of woods, streams, and paths calm and nurture the soul. ARC staff help plan and facilitate retreat experiences for individuals and groups and invite guests to discover the healing and restoration that can be found through rest, silence and listening. Thousands of individuals have recounted profound experiences of transformation. ARC has been referred to by many as a spiritual home, a place of refuge. ARC is a place of solitude where we can become mindful of our inner resources and become mindful of the Divine both within and around us. ARC encourages the Journey Inward by: • Providing stillness through silence, meditation, worship, centering prayer, contemplation, and other stillness practices. • Enabling ritual based on cultural and spiritual traditions including the sweat lodge, retreats, walking the labyrinth, daily worship, and creating sacred spaces supported by ritual and cyclic practices. • Offering generative and relational practices, such as prayer, tonglen, Lectio Divina, deep listening, dialogue, storytelling, journaling, and creative practices such as writing, visual art, music, dance, and singing. • Providing wellness practices, including nutritious meals, massage, spiritual guidance, yoga, and spending time in nature. The Journey Outward (Action) ARC is committed to helping heal the threats to our planet, and is dedicated to ensuring environmental, racial, and socioeconomic justice. All beings are interconnected and the suffering of one affects us all. Reflection enables participants to return to their daily lives strengthened and inspired to act for the well-being of others out of compassion and with a sense of purpose. We become instruments of the Divine working through us. ARC encourages the Journey Outward by: • Offering workshops relevant to the issues of our time, including racial and economic justice, gender identity, environmental sustainability, public health crises, and recovery from addictions. • Working with other social movements, groups, and organizations for a resilient, sustainable, and equitable economy. • Providing seminars and teaching opportunities on topics such as specific spiritual practices; the craft of writing; how to create artistic media such as fabric dyeing, wood carving, weaving, or quilting; and healing practices to recover from trauma. • Deepening the connections between the local and the global through workshops and events that connect to our local, regional, and global community. • Continually re-evaluating the mission, vision, and ideals of ARC.   Walking the Path (Celebration) An ARC experience helps connect with the fundamental joys of life and opens an awareness of the beauty of the earth. We celebrate our opportunities to live in unity with all beings, and feel our connection to the spiritual sources of renewal and vision. The path to self-awareness and spiritual attunement can be demanding. ARC provides the crucible of community for this effort. ARC encourages Walking the Path through: • Regular gatherings of support and celebration, in person and digitally, for laughter, encouragement, and to acknowledge our interconnectedness. • Retreats designed specifically to come together in celebration, such as a New Year’s Eve retreat, gatherings to mark the beginning of a new liturgical year, or a solstice gathering to rejoice in the change of seasons. • The daily practice and spirit of ARC manifests in unexpected ways. Those who are familiar with ARC can take solace in knowing each day someone is practicing loving-kindness meditation, or praying for humanity, or completing a ritual to bless the earth. For more information about ARC please visit our website; or contact us: or 763-689-3540. Approved by the Board 11/14/20. This is a living document, reviewed and updated at least annually by the Board.
On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center
Calamba City
English, Tagalog
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available
Addiction, Codependency, Creative Arts, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Immigrants/Displaced, Men's Issues, Women's Issues, Young Adults
On the Third Day (OTTD) - Renewal and Formation Center is an ecumenical ministry that provides spiritual accompaniment for those who want to seek God and desire to respond to His call. For almost a decade, OTTD has been offering spiritual direction and spiritual formation that have helped seekers in developing an intimate relationship with God. Our retreats are held at the Cherimoya Eco-Spirituality & Retreat Center in Calamba, Laguna. For more information about us and our programs, please visit
Not Yet Selected
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Has Internet Courses Available
+27 798971143
Education, Enneagram
Jim Palmer (Interfaith & Interspiritual Collective)
Not Yet Selected
Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Life Coach, Has Internet Courses Available, Chaplain
Addiction, Alcoholism, Codependency, Divorced/Widowed, Dreamworker, Education, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Sports, Women's Issues, Young Adults
I have a spiritual direction practice in Nashville. Several years ago, I began doing this work with people all over the world through video calls. There are several reasons why people contact me for spiritual direction, including: 1. Desiring to explore ultimate reality outside the framework of religion; 2. Seeking a more expansive, meaningful and human spirituality; 3. Interested in investigating the meaning behind their spiritual experiences such as dreams, visions, synchronicity, intuitive thoughts, and peak or transcendent moments; 4. A life crisis has caused them to question their personal or religious beliefs; 5. Searching for answers to life’s existential questions such as the meaning and purpose of life; 6. Interested in exploring spirituality beyond the boundaries of their religious background or tradition; 7. Wanting to address the root cause of unhappiness and disharmony in their life; 8. Desiring a whole relationship with themselves through self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-trust and self-care; 9. Needing to unshackle themselves from toxic religious beliefs. The term “spiritual” is understood in many different ways and from diverse perspectives. For me, spirituality relates to our personal desire to establish a felt relationship with the deepest meanings, powers, longings and dynamics that govern life and our human journey. It includes our desire to become fully what we are, and realize our highest human potentialities and possibilities. There is also a transcendent aspect to the spiritual, a sense that we belong to and participate in an ultimate reality that is greater than our individual selves and often unfolds in peak experiences beyond mundane events. People may equate the spiritual as being sacred or transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. The outcome of a spiritual process or experience is often described as transformative, awakening, unitive, metamorphic and liberating. I have a framework and process I utilize in doing spiritual direction doing work with a person. The process begins with a personal inventory, which I review before our first call. The inventory includes an extensive section on the person's religious background, and the damage toxic religion impacted their lives. Dependending on this section, I may enroll the person in my Life After Religion Course as part of my spiritual direction work with them. Individual sessions or video calls are scheduled every other week. After each call, I will write and send an email with a detailed summary and further thoughts based on the areas and themes we discussed on our call. The calls are every other week because there is often an exercise, activity, project or assignment to be completed between each call. There is also unlimited email exchanges during our time to working together. I try to keep my rates affordable. My paying clients enable me to do personal development work pro bono for the homeless, the incarcerated, and victims of domestic violence. I am a Chaplain with the American Humanist Association and certified as a spiritual director with a speciality in Jungian psychology. I also train and supervise spiritual directors.
David and Beth Booram - Fall Creek Abbey
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School
Located in Indianapolis, IN, each learning cohort (8 to 12 participants) is trained in a classical approach to spiritual direction. Participants gather at the Abbey for five (two-day) intensives per year for two years. Year One provides a strong introduction to spiritual direction and is a year of discerning one’s calling to spiritual direction. Year Two is for those who feel called to offer spiritual direction (formally or informally) and provides more in-depth knowledge and skill-based training in the art of spiritual direction. Every intensive in Year One and Two is a combination of process and praxis. In addition, throughout this program strong focus is given to the deepening of each participant’s spiritual life and contemplative practice. A bonus are the lifelong friendships often forged through this small cohort experience! For more information or to request a syllabus, please contact Beth Booram at or visit our website at
Dennis A. Podryadchikov
English, Russian
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Life Coach
Corporate/Workplace, Education, Immigrants/Displaced, Men's Issues, Mindfulness/Meditation, Native/Indigenous Cultures, Young Adults
Dennis A. Podryadchikov is an experienced spiritual companion with focus on life, ministry, or business challenges. Dennis holds a B.A. in Christian Ministry ('06) and Master of Divinity ('09) from Abilene Christian University. He has been overseeing individuals and house churches both in the United States and Russia for over twelve years. Dennis teaches a simple way how to listen to God on daily basis.
Sue DeFerrari
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School
Asian Cultures, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Education, Grief and Loss
Spiritual Companion/Director, MorningStar Renewal Center – Retreat and Conference facilitator. Director of Spiritual Companionship Program, St. Thomas University – 3 year certificate program.
Lil Smith
Christianity, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Unitarian Universalist
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School
My definition of spiritual direction is to take a long, loving look at what is real (Presence), to seek freedom from bondage (tangles and knots), to savor and celebrate with the Holy, to discover a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Together we will listen, explore, and tend your relationship with the Holy. This spiritual work emerges from your image of God/Source/Breath as we encourage a developing language that is a natural expression of your relationship. Tending body, mind, and spirit, we will discover new life together. I work with individuals and groups in spiritual direction and in supervision of spiritual directors. Inviting the whole self to these sessions, I invite imagination and creativity with art, music, and written expression. My passion: accompanying individuals and groups in the spiritual walk. My training: MDIV and DMIN from SMU Perkins School of Theology, Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary, Supervision Training with Together in the Mystery. I am a co-founder of Retreat House Spirituality Center in Richardson (Dallas), TX. I meet with individuals and small groups here. I also meet via telephone and video conference. You may visit my website for fees and booking information: With a grateful heart, Lil
Nanci Lukasik-Smith
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Life Coach
708 557-7070
Children/Teens, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Group Spiritual Direction, People with Disabilities, Women's Issues
Nanci is a certified professional Spiritual Director who specializes in Womens’ Spirituality and health issues, Parenting (special needs), and Caregiving. Nanci earned her Certificate of Study in Lay Leadership through the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois; holds an Advanced Certificate in Special Needs Faith Formation from the University of Dayton (VLCFF) and is a candidate for a Certificate of Catholic Theology: Church Doctrine, from the University of Notre Dame S.T.E.P. program. She is currently in the graduate program at St. Mary of the Lake University in Mundelein, Illinois working towards her Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies and studying Pastoral Counseling for those in ministry and church administration through Catholic Theological Union. She is also an affiliate with Mayslake Ministries in Downers Grove, Illinois and co-contributing author of Every Day with Mary, a daily devotional published by Our Sunday Visitor.
Kristen Jawad
Spiritual but Not Religious
Interfaith, Interspiritual, Islam, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Life Coach, Has Internet Courses Available
Children/Teens, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Divorced/Widowed, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Elderly/Mature, Energy Work, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Health Care, Immigrants/Displaced, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Middle Eastern Cultures, Mindfulness/Meditation, Non-Traditional Healing, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Women's Issues, Young Adults
Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. How is your heart in this moment? Perhaps you are – Navigating a Major Life Transition (motherhood, illness, divorce, career change) Feeling Burned Out? Especially as a Parent, Caregiver, Educator , Activist or Healthcare Professional Struggling with Creating & Maintaining Healthy Self-Care Habits I partner with seekers to cultivate a healthy relationship between the body.mind.soul so they make life serving choices, release emotions, create positive habits, and transition through difficult phases of life with more ease. As a Coach, Companion and Healthcare Provider, my approach has been refined over 20+ years, through working with hundreds of women. I work closely with you as you discover the power of your observations so you can calm your nervous system. We focus on evidence based practices to build your capacity. You learn how to adapt Gracefully and Compassionately to complexity and change in your own life with gentle accountability. I support women through one-on-one sessions on Zoom/Calls. Local clients also have the option to integrate healing sessions & guided nature experiences. I also offer solo retreats in my Kirkland Airbnb and small group programs. My approach fits best with women who are feeling called into exploring a new path due to burnout or big life changes. Many of my clients are seeking gentle support and guidance through transitions like becoming a mother, the loss of a loved one, or releasing life-ways that no longer serve them. We honor “What is stirring in you?” and make space for Sacred longings to surface. Clients seek me out for my empathic presence, deep listening skills & gentle way of inspiring & evoking the best in them. Looking for brave space to dive deep and explore living your deepest values? I partner with clients to create culturally sensitive and trauma informed sessions. I have been providing healthcare and educational experiences since 1997. My inspiration comes from the natural world, Rumi & Mystic lineage, Marshall Rosenberg & Parker Palmer. I'm currently training with the Institute For Spiritual Healing - Sufi University.
Kathleen Bolduc
Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Interfaith, Quaker, Spiritual but Not Religious
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center
Addiction, Alcoholism, Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Elderly/Mature, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Immigrants/Displaced, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, People with Disabilities, Women's Issues
As a spiritual director and owner of Cloudland Retreat Center, I prayerfully create a safe space for believers to explore and deepen their relationship with God through contemplative prayer, lectio divina, art and music. Contemplative prayer and Lectio Divina are my well-worn pathways into God's presence, and have been transformational on my journey. I have a master's degree in Religious Studies. My training in spiritual direction was done through Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction. I take 2-3 retreats per year through Abbey of the Arts, which feeds my soul. Our time together begins with a time of quiet prayer, as we leave our busy days at the threshold of the door and turn our hearts toward God. You may bring a specific need or concern to the session: a dry time in your prayer life, a question of discernment regarding life decisions, or a puzzling dream. As you share your life story, joys, and concerns, I listen with an inner ear tuned to the Holy Spirit, asking questions and making observations. We may spend time in Scripture, healing prayer, or meditation. A Bible and a journal are our tools for the journey. A lighted candle signifies the Holy Spirit, present with us, the “real” director of the session. We end our time together in prayer and thanksgiving. Spiritual Direction sessions typically take place at Cloudland, a contemplative retreat center located in a beautiful country setting outside of Oxford, Ohio. You are free to spend time in the prayer room or garden before or after appointments. I also offer spiritual direction via Zoom, Skype, or by phone. Sessions last approximately one hour. Directed day-retreats or overnight retreats are available as well.
Karen Campbell
North Carolina
Christianity, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center
(704) 213-0796
Corporate/Workplace, Creative Arts, Dreamworker, Education, Elderly/Mature, Energy Work, Grief and Loss, Mindfulness/Meditation, Women's Issues, Young Adults

Karen Perrell Campbell, MHDL is a certified creative depth coach, spiritual director, artist and dream worker. She intuitively weaves together multiple modalities assisting others as they journey into wholeness. 

Carole Riley
West Virginia
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School, Offers Graduate School Credit, Has Internet Courses Available
Addiction, Asian Cultures, Children/Teens, Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Divorced/Widowed, Education, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Psychic Phenomena, Women's Issues, Young Adults
In addition to Pittsburgh, I am available through the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality in Charleston, West Virginia, where we offer training and ongoing supervision.
Elizabeth Amman
Retreat Center

Marywood Franciscan Spirituality Center engages persons seeking greater meaning in life and a deeper relationship with God, others, self and all creation by providing space for inspiration, reflection and solitude.

We offer programs and retreats year-round and spiritual direction on and off-site. Spiritual direction is a one-on-one meeting between a director and a person seeking a deeper relationship with God. The focus is awareness of God in everyday life. There are five certified spiritual directors on staff.

Sr Elizabeth Amman, OP  ~ Rev Grant Van Lishout ~ Sr Marla Lang, FSPA ~ Sr Mary Ellen Green, OP ~ Patricia Pintens

For more information on spiritual direction or to schedule an appointment please visit the Spiritual Direction page on our website or contact us at 715-385-3750.

Jeanne Ranek
South Dakota
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School
Jeannette Easley
English, Spanish
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center
Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Education, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Homeless/Low Income, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Women's Issues, Young Adults
Jeannette Easley is a spiritual director and ministers in a contemplative spirituality center. She is Roman Catholic, has an MA in Religious Studies and has been ministering within the structure of the Roman Catholic church for 38 years. Five years she worked as a lay missionary in South America..
Clare Shearman
Spiritual Independent
Buddhism, Christianity, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Quaker, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent
Spiritual Companion/Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor
Codependency, Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Dreamworker, Dying/Sick/Hospice, Education, Elderly/Mature, European Cultures, Grief and Loss, Homeless/Low Income, Immigrants/Displaced, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, People with Disabilities, Women's Issues, Young Adults
I am a trained Spiritual Director and a member of the Conference of Spiritual Directors Australia. I trained at Heart of Life in Melbourne. Their Siloam Program the longest running spiritual direction formation program in Australia. It was also the first program to be recognized by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction, as meeting its standards for formation. Shortly after the end of my training, I spent five years in Cornwall, UK where I set up and ran a retreat center with my husband Artie. Artie is an Australian and in 2020 we moved to Melbourne to be closer to our Australian family. I direct people of all faiths and none. It is a privilege to journey alongside anyone seeking a companion on their spiritual path in life. I am now a retreat host at The Cliffs Retreat in Shoreham, Victoria, Australia. The Cliffs was formally run by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Brian Gallagher, the former retreat host was also the person who developed and began the Siloam Program where I received my training. The course I completed was based on spiritual direction training Brian received whilst at Barry and Connolly's course at their ‘Centre for Religious Development’ in Boston. The Melbourne program focuses on the discerning and contemplative approach to spiritual direction that Brian experienced there.