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Opening to Love: Decolonising Your Spiritual Direction Practice

Date: April 11

Time: 8:00 am - 9:30 am PDT

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April 11 @ 8:00 am 9:30 am

Registration is closed for this event.

The legacy of coloniality lingers, even within our most intimate spiritual spaces. For many, particularly people of colour and those of us on the African continent, Western spiritual values and practices can feel alienating to who we really are, perpetuating a sense of disconnection from our authentic experience of the Divine. Coloniality produces pain and disconnects in our bodies, relationships and lived contexts.

This session invites you to decolonise your spiritual direction practice. We’ll explore how to dismantle internalised patterns rooted in coloniality to foster authentic spiritual growth and heal from the wounds of oppression.

Together, we’ll ask:

  • What does a decolonising spiritual direction practice look and feel like?
  • How can we name and release the ways coloniality has shaped our spiritual formation and direction practice?
  • From a decolonising perspective, how do we open ourselves to the presence and work of the Divine…to love, liberation, and wholeness?

This session offers a safe and transformative space for reflection and dialogue for deepening a spiritual path that honors you, and collective and contextual wisdom. If you long for a spiritual direction practice that flows with the God who lives in you, the wisdom of your ancestral experiences alive in you and that heals the trauma from oppression, then this session is for you.

About Althea Banda-Hansmann:

Althea Banda-Hansmann, a passionate guide for personal and organisational transformation,  is the Founder of Transforming Moments Consulting. She empowers individuals and groups to unleash their potential and divine power in and through them to create positive ripples by living into their most authentic selves.

Her spiritual direction approach blends discernment, creativity, trauma-sensitive body-based practices and an active understanding of healing systemic oppression that we carry in us, in order to create a safe and supportive space for growth and transformation.

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