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“I see beautiful coincidences in the way God works with a directee who was steeped in her own quite narrow Christian denomination. She is now reading much more widely, and learning all she can about the lives of Christian mystics.”

“I appreciate that the community is drawn from different faiths too.”

“I’ve been happy will all the courses and webinars I’ve attended.”

“Wise teachers sharing themselves and offering opportunities to refresh and grow as a spiritual director.”

“I like all SDI webinar series that help professional development focused specifically for spiritual directors/companion. I also like the annual SDI conference.”

“I really like the recorded webinars. I appreciate info in the mystics and general info on what it takes to be a good spiritual director.”

“Loved the conference but the current mysticism class is wonderful”

“I liked most webinars – Eco Spirituality, Mystics, Spiritual Practices, evolution of world events as they effect the relationship of companioning. I support SDI because it is diverse and striving to represent all in our interconnected world. Especially like small group break out opportunities.”

“Of the ones I have attended, I am loving Lucy Abbott Tucker’s current offering. I find Lucy to be wise, experienced, skillful as a teacher, and able to bring out depth that makes seemingly simple information valuable and interesting to beginner and experienced alike.”

“I have appreciated the sheer breadth of learning opportunities provided by SDI. I have been super impressed with the quality of 8 out of 9 events that I have participated in with SDI. All offerings I have engaged with have been growth points. I appreciate that the community is drawn from different faiths too.”

“Appreciate Opportunities to learn from others about the way that they offer companionship to those they work with.”

“I don’t really have a favourite type I think it depends more on the presenter. The series of Feminist Perspectives was particularly good. Attending live can sometimes be problematic due to the time difference which is why the recordings are so useful.”

“I like the annual conference. It keeps me in touch with the pulse of spiritual direction in the contemporary world, and live trainings geared towards my spiritual growth as a spiritual director.”

“Educational tools for spiritual directors: like “companioning the nervous system” which was great!”

“I like the ones that will add to the toolkit I have available to use in direction. Have especially enjoyed the offerings by Lucy Abbott Tucker.”

“I love reading your Presence magazine.”

“There is so much Wisdom in the Offerings. It’s sometimes hard to choose. My first event is the Annual SDI conference, and I was enthralled.”

“I have enjoyed the annual conferences both live and in person. I liked sessions on the enneagram.”

“Engage 2022 was a wonderful experience in learning and connecting.”

“I appreciate webinars that deal with social justice, being present in the world with a contemplative stance. Also ones that are essentially skills enhancement – things related to supervision, listening skills, etc.”

“I appreciate the offerings that help me go deeper into spiritual practices, not only for my sake, but for my companions I journey with.”

“I think SDI does an amazing job in supporting and stimulating those of us engaged in spiritual companionship.”

“Webinar topics SDI offers are from variety of fields or issues that stirs in us interest for deeper learning and seeking, inviting us to deepen our God Quest.”

“I consider SDI to be a learning space so anything that offers opportunities to learn and grow as a spiritual director.”

“I would like to see more events like the one you had Recreating a Life with Dr. Diane Mills, I liked the journaling one but it is at the same time as Lucy’s. I also like the 12-week workshops, which show commitment on both sides, it gives you time to think.”

“I have really enjoyed the courses on building a spiritual direction practice. I am VERY glad that you are now keeping all the courses that we have taken within our own login, so that we can access them “forever.””

“The SDI journey to date has broadened my understanding and insights and give me resources and book recommendations that I hope make me a more effective companion- having the balance between the more academic and the practical is helpful as well. Lucy Abbott-Tucker’s supervision course was another outstanding highlight of the last year of so”

“I love being a SDI member because of the networking and learning from other spiritual directors from a diversity of backgrounds and traditions”

“I love Presence. I am deeply committed to the work of spiritual direction and what it has to offer the world and so I want to support others who enable this work.”

“The Guidelines for Ethical Conduct, printed materials I can take to group discussions, search pages for Spiritual Directors in other areas of the US or world.”

“I like being an SDI member as it makes me feel part of a community – building relationships, especially across lines of difference (elders and younger spiritual directors, different spiritual traditions, races, geography) It’s important to me that SDI maintain its focus on spiritual companionship and not dilute that focus into spirituality in general. We have something unique to offer the world and in turn, we need resources and support.”

“I’m listed in my area so people can locate me. I refer college students and young adults who are trying to understand its importance to the SDI website. They get the technology and resources for them to explore. The SDI website could be for more than just Spiritual Directors – pastors, artists, musicians, could all benefit from the material there.”

“My main attraction to be a member is being part of this great organization. The connections and resources it offers me.”

“SDI memberships me in maintaining professional credibility, staying current with skills as a spiritual director, staying aware of where SD is going, etc.”

“I like SDI website. Having a website that is more friendly to help locate areas of interest. Discount s available for webinars or courses.”

Exploring Spiritual Companionship Across Traditions

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