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Spiritual Direction


A 12-Week Online Course with Lucy Abbott Tucker

Lucy Abbott Tucker, SDI co-founder and worldwide expert on spiritual direction supervision, has agreed to offer the SDI community a 12-week online course on supervision.

For the first time ever, experience and receive Lucy’s Supervision Training in an online setting.

This is a chance to join one of SDI’s living wisdom teachers and dive deeper into a subject at the heart of our calling.

Lucy has taught on this subject around the world, but it’s often hard for people to pay for the travel and hotel costs to attend her workshops. Now, this online course, starting January 2022, makes learning about supervision not only more convenient, but also more affordable.

This course will provide a program in the practice of supervision for spiritual directors.  The sessions will include input, discussion, and practice for the work of spiritual direction and spiritual companionship.

Since writing  Spiritual Direction Supervision:  Principles, Practices, & Storytelling over 18 months ago, Lucy in her subsequent teachings has gained new insights and wisdom in the practice of Supervision, which include self-care, hints to giving and receiving feedback, secondary trauma and a new model of supervision.

What to Expect

Course Outline

Session 1 – Why and What of Supervision

Session 2 – Definitions and How they Function

Session 3 – The Continuum of Relationships and the place of Supervision

Session 4 – Stages of Supervision

Session 5 – What constitutes effective Supervision?

Session 6 – Some Models of Supervision – Part 1

Session 7 – Transference and Counter-Transference, Secondary Trauma

Session 8 – Some Models of Supervision – Part 2

Session 9 – Models of Transformation

Session 10 – Development of and Changing of God images

Session 11 – Some ideas for Peer Supervision Groups

Session 12 – Some thoughts from Maya Angleou, final question and answer session.


24 CEU credits available.



Lucy Abbott Tucker

Lucy Abbott Tucker has been a member of SDI since its inception. She began her ministry of spiritual direction at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership, Chicago. She worked there preparing women and men for the ministry for 32 years. Since 2015 she has been doing freelance work in spiritual direction and supervision. She believes spiritual direction has the power to help heal our world and values the opportunity to support spiritual directors in this work.

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