Page 8 - Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
P. 8

be shared for the benefit of the
             spiritual directee; and
          d. respecting ministers, clergy, spiritual
             care providers, and other professionals
             by not disparaging them or their work.

       Faith and Spiritual Communities
       2. Spiritual directors maintain responsible
          relationships by:
          a. remaining open to processes
             of corporate discernment,
             accountability, and support;
          b. appropriately drawing on the
             teachings and spiritual practices of
             spiritual communities; and

          c. respecting the spiritual directee’s
             relationships to his or her own

       3. Spiritual directors, when presenting them-
          selves to the public, preserve the integrity
          of spiritual direction by being in right
          relation with persons and organizations:

          a. representing qualifications and affili-
             ations accurately;
          b. defining the particular nature and
             purpose of spiritual direction;
          c. seeking opportunities to be spiritually
             available to the underserved;
          d. living in an ecologically responsible
             and sustainable manner; and
          e. respecting all persons regardless of
             race, color, sexual orientation,

             Guidelines for Ethical Conduct © 2018
              by Spiritual Directors International

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