Page 10 - Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
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Ethical Guidelines Task Force

       Spiritual Directors International is indebt-
       ed to the following people who served on
       the original or revision Ethical Guidelines
       Task Force:

                  Lucy Abbott-Tucker
                Roman Catholic | Illinois, USA
                      Bill Creed, SJ
                Roman Catholic | Illinois, USA
                 Ignatian Spirituality Project
              Andrew Dreitcer, MDiv, PhD
                Presbyterian | California, USA
                Claremont School of Theology
                  Richard M. Gula, SS
               Roman Catholic | Maryland, USA
                Franciscan School of Theology
                   Jennifer Hoffmann
                  Jewish | Ontario, Canada

                    Joyce McFarland
                 Episcopal | Minnesota, USA
          Institute for Ecumenical and Social Research

               Timothy E. O’Connell, PhD
                Roman Catholic | Illinois, USA
                 Loyola University Chicago

                    Dorothy Whiston
                 Roman Catholic | Iowa, USA
               Soul Friends Ecumenical Ministry

             Guidelines for Ethical Conduct © 2018
              by Spiritual Directors International

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