Page 7 - Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
P. 7

limited to: manipulative, abusive, or
             coercive words or actions toward a
             spiritual directee.

       3. Spiritual directors maintain the
          confidentiality and the privacy of
          the spiritual directee by:
          a. protecting the identity of the spiritual
          b. keeping confidential all oral, elec-
             tronic and written matters arising in
             the spiritual direction sessions;
          c. recognizing and disclosing to the
             spiritual directee the limitations
             of confidentiality of electronic
          d. conducting spiritual direction
             sessions in appropriate settings; and
          e. addressing legal regulations
             requiring disclosure to proper
             authorities, including but not
             limited to, child abuse, elder abuse,
             and physical harm to self and others.
       III. The Spiritual Director and Others
       1. Spiritual directors maintain collegial
          relationships with other spiritual care
          providers and professionals by:
          a. developing intra- and
             interdisciplinary relationships;

          b. requesting a spiritual directee who is in
             therapy to inform his or her therapist
             about being in spiritual direction;
          c. securing written releases and
             permission from spiritual directees
             when specific information needs to

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