Page 5 - Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
P. 5

       3. Spiritual directors engage in
          supervision by:
          a. receiving regular supervision from
             peers or from a mentor; and
          b. seeking consultations with other
             appropriately qualified persons when

       Personal Responsibility
       4. Spiritual directors meet their needs
          outside the spiritual direction
          relationship in a variety of ways,
          especially by:
          a. self care, wisely balancing time for
             spiritual practices, work, leisure,
             family, and personal relationships;
          b. recognizing and addressing the difficul-
             ties multiple roles or relationships pose
             to the effectiveness or clarity of the
             spiritual direction relationship; and
          c. removing oneself from any
             situation that compromises
             the integrity of the spiritual
             direction relationship.

       5. Spiritual directors recognize the limits of:
          a. energy by restricting the number of
             spiritual directees;
          b. attentiveness by appropriate
             spacing of meetings and spiritual
             directees; and
          c. competence by referring spiritual
             directees to other appropriately
             qualified persons when necessary.

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