Rev Robert G Rice

City: Fort Davis

State: TX

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent

Category: Spiritual Director

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 2812245139


Focus Area: Elderly/Mature, LGBTQIA+, Men's Issues, Mindfulness/Meditation

Social Media:

Profile: Hello and thank you for reading my biography here on the SDI site! I am currently working on my certificate in spiritual direction through the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been interested in providing spiritual direction to others because of my experiences with the God of my heart. I’ve always been a spiritual person. Even from childhood I considered the priesthood. Over the years through spiritual reading and direction I’ve come to know the Loving, Accepting, Healing, Comforting, and Joyful aspects of our Divine Creator. My goal is to guide other to find their God through their experiences. When I say the “God of your heart” I am referring to the wonderful and painful experiences we have with God. She/He will be different for every person depending on their experiences in life. It is through contemplating these experiences that we come to KNOW who God is in our lives. For me, true knowledge of God comes through knowledge, experience, thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, prayer, and of course, Holy Words. What do spiritual directors do? I cannot say it any better than Spiritual Directors International: Spiritual directors have a special role to play by establishing a safe space for you, listening deeply and intently, spiritually, and letting your authentic self-shine through. Ideally, we are mirrors that allow you to see yourself more clearly. We strive very hard not to impose our own vision, so as not to distort the image. All of this is meant to allow you to see what is already inside you, what is already whole. You are your own best teacher. God is within us all, fully, completely, without reservation or limitation. We have but to look. What greater form of intimacy can there be than to see your true self, your soul, accurately reflected as if you were looking in a mirror? This is what spiritual direction is meant to accomplish. We seek to inspire trust and safety, to facilitate important conversations around our deepest aspirations and longings, namely our desire to connect with that which connects all beings. (adapted from Spiritual Directors International) I am a student and as such cannot charge for our spiritual direction sessions. If you would like to meet or talk we can set up a time together in person, on zoom, what’s app, or over the phone.


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