Paula Gamble-Grant

City: La Center

State: WA

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Spiritual but Not Religious

Category: Spiritual Director, Retreat Center, Supervisor, Formation/Training School, Has Internet Courses Available

Email: [email protected]



Focus Area: Codependency, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Education, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction

Social Media: Personal retreat space, Online Course Offerings, Facebook

Profile: You are not a problem to be solved… You are a sacred story. And you do not have to get more organized, fit, “together” or “on top of it” in order to be seen, heard, valued and welcomed by God, by those of us here at reFresh, and hopefully, by your very own self.  So, if you’re tired of… * going through the motions and just skimming your life rather than actually living it; * religious words and practices that leave you feeling not-enough,  * repetitive reactionary stress and a sense of feeling burdened in your heart, soul, mind and strength; * Being afraid to share your struggles and your joys on the faith journey then you are welcome here – just as you are, not as you think you should be. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Paula has been companioning weary and disoriented, spiritually hungry souls for more than 30 years. She is an experienced Spiritual Director and Supervisor of SDs, and is also Certified Focusing Professional who incorporates Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) into her practice. IRF fosters a space of gently turning toward the parts of ourselves that we’ve orphaned, exiled, shunned, and fretted with the same Love and Compassion of Jesus. In this loving, caring presence, we aren’t trying to fix what is broken, but being with what is valuable – YOU and all the parts of you that have been set aside and pushed down for too long. It is this paying attention and being with that allows our souls to live! Paula also teaches Inner Relationship Focusing to Spiritual Directors and other heart/soul centered practitioners. You can find out more about her "Doorways to the Soul" courses at * If you want a companion to help you find your way home to your real self, * If you want a safe place to say and feel and think things about God and your faith journey that you’ve never been allowed to say/feel/think, * If you’d like to grow in the heart of art of SD – and perhaps learn to incorporate Focusing into your craft, then I’d be delighted if you’d contact me for a free 15 minute consult. Paula also facilitates an annual pilgrimage retreat in Assisi, Italy and has a personal retreat space in her home. Reach out if you'd like more info on any of these things.


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