Matt Whitney

Matt Whitney

City: Seattle

State: WA


Personalized Affiliation: Spiritual but Not Religious

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious, Spiritual Independent

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion




Focus Area: Corporate/Workplace, Creative Arts, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Education, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Young Adults

Social Media: Instagram, LinkedIn


When you hear that word, spirituality, what does it mean to you? Perhaps you think of God. Or, your ultimate reality and connection to the universe. To some, its attached to the work of religion, such as being part of a church or temple. It might be connected to notions of spiritual practice. Some common ones are meditation, contemplative prayer, chant or song, candles. Or maybe you find the term a bit “woo-woo”, if it conjures notions of crystals and energy, and these things freak you out a little.

I believe these understandings all hint at the meaning of spirituality. That is, they each point towards a larger reality that might be considered “spiritual”.

I think spirituality can be discerned for yourself by attentiveness to right where you are, right where you stand, right now. Because for me, spirituality is all of it. Everything. Its everything around you, it’s you, and everyone else. It’s the extraordinary stuff, and the seemingly boring and mundane stuff too. It’s your experiences, your feelings, your thoughts. Its your past and future. And, it’s outside and beyond all of that.

Spiritual guidance is a safe and sacred space. I am your host, and my approach is informal and welcoming – there’s no stuffiness or formality. The space is yours, and I try to offer you just what you need. There is no judgement in this space, only compassionate listening and soul friendship. If you need to cry, or swear, or scream – go for it. If you need to spend an hour sitting silently together, lets do it. If you have that one strange experience that you can’t imagine talking about with anybody – this is a space to courageously bring those experiences.

By doing so, you will realize you have integrated your experiences, deepened your engagement with life, and can walk your journey with more clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

I can host one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions occur in person, or over zoom. I often also dialog in e-mail with clients between sessions.

It can be helpful to have someone walk with you on your spiritual journey. Where are you on your spiritual journey? Let's walk together.