Katherine Hayes-Wallenburg


State: MO

Languages: English

Personalized Affiliation: Christianity

Spiritual Spheres: Christianity, Eco/Nature-based, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual but Not Religious

Category: Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 18437097994


Focus Area: Corporate/Workplace, Couples/Families, Creative Arts, Divorced/Widowed, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Elderly/Mature, Grief and Loss, Group Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness/Meditation, Physical or Sexual Abuse

Social Media:

Profile: About Spiritual Direction: Often the word, "Spiritual" or "Spirituality" is met with confusion and anxiety. The Holy Spirit is the true Spiritual Director. What I do is help others see and hear the Spirit so they may receive, reflect and respond to the Divine Mystery in their own lives. About me: I was raised Catholic and became Lutheran (ELCA) as a young adult, eventually I attended Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS), graduated and become an ordained Pastor in 2011, and served a congregation from August, 2011, until February, 2021. My Spiritual Direction Certification was also achieved through LTSS. I have experienced trauma, some of which revolved around loved ones struggling with addiction and abuse, my own divorce and the death of a child. I've also experienced redemption: a life-walk filled with faith, the opportunity to raise my granddaughter, and the love and companionship of a supportive husband. About Life: We will always have challenges and joys in our life journey, but One who is much greater than ourselves is constantly with us. Sometimes we need a little help, someone to walk along with us as we enter into the Presence, develop the Relationship and understand the Guidance that is with us. About you: Again, in all things, the Holy Spirit is the true Spiritual Director. What I do is help others see and hear the Spirit so they may deepen the Divine Mystery in their own life. I help create and hold hospitable space for discerning what God is doing within and around them. Whether they are curious about Spiritual Direction, have specific goals in mind for growing their relationship with the Lover of our souls, or are anywhere in between, I invite interested persons to contact me for a complimentary time together during which we can explore and discern if the Spirit is calling us to work together. In all things, shalom, dear sisters and brothers. Katherine


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